What is on the runway for Spring 2013 you might ask…


I’m not sure how I feel about this look but I’ve seen alot of designers pulling out the bermuda shorts look. I guess it is better than the past years very short shorts but not a huge fan. Lets see what else is in store for the Spring before jumping to any conclusions…


I know for a fact though that I hate this look… This is the exagerated volume style. And this isn’t the only designer doing it. Jill Sander, Marni and even Chanel has made a line for this new look. We Will see how well this plays out in the real world..



This is one look I am very excited about it! The 60’s silhouette, I really enjoy how fashion is starting to repeat itself from back in the 60’s to 90’s. I always thought that fashion was much nicer and classier back then and I am really glad it is coming back.  Designers,  Moschino, Louis Vuitton and Kate Spade all had similar 60’s looks on the runway. You know its a serious trend when these great designers are doing it!



Next is oversized ruffles… I am all for ruffles and i think they look super cute on dresses or skirts, but oversized? I don’t know about that. I believe they make people look much wider and doesn’t give people a good slim looking figure. We’ll see how well this look goes.



 I love the animal look these days! I think it is so cute and looks very nice on dresses, scarves, pencil skirts, etc. I would like to see other prints other than cheetah though. I feel like I see brown and black cheetah print way too often and its becoming very repetitive. I would also like to see lighter colors for the springtime. 



This is honestly brilliant. I think this is a great look for the springtime when it is starting to get warmer out and too hot for dress pants. I am so excited to see this in stores and will have to find the perfect suit for me. I especially love this one, Well Done Armani. Michael Kors, Top Shop and Marc Jacobs also had really nice short suits walk the runway too. 





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