Get that Bikini Body for the Summer

bikini readyIt seems like the summer crept up on us this year and we all have been so busy with school, work, etc. If you haven’t worked out as much as you would like to have before summer don’t freak out! You still have time and it is good to maintain this body for the fall and winter also so it is good to keep a routine. This is my routine:

1. Wake up at 8:00 am. It is best to do your workout earlier than later that way it doesn’t waste the rest of your day and you want to do it before it gets too hot out.

-Eat something light. You don’t want to eat too much before you run but it is vital that you eat something to give you energy on your run in this heat.

2. Start your run. It is good to have a route in mind so during your run you don’t make excuses to cut it short. I run regularly but if you are a beginner start off with just one to two miles a day. You always want to have one hard long run a week and I usually choose Wednesday for this. It is the humpday and once you get through this tough day the rest of the week will be a piece of cake. Make this run a mile longer than your normal run. This will help you improve your endurance.

3. After you recover from your run it is good to start your sit ups right away. I try to do sit ups every day just because I really want hard abs. This is what I do:

-50 Crunches

– 20 Side Obliques on the left then 20 Side obliques on the right. All you do for these is just lay on one side and bring your arm up to the opposite knee. You should feel it on the side that is facing up.

– 1 minute plank

– 20 Leg Lifts. Extend your legs straight and lift them about three feet off the ground. Then repeat this 20 times.

After leg lifts, I do each of those exercises two more times. I must admit it is pretty tough so start off just doing one rep and as you become better at each exercise, repeat the situps. Make this a routine each day. It is good to do them outside so you sweat more with the heat but it is personal preference.

3. I understand push ups are very hard especially us girls. I’m not trying to get big arm muscles so I only do pushups twice a week. Push ups aren’t a huge deal so if you are not into them then skip this part of the workout. I just try to do 50 pushups every tuesday and wednesday just to give a little tone to my arms.

4. It is always important to stretch after a hard workout because it will add flexibility and it will help you not be sore the next day. It is always a good feeling being a little sore after a tough workout because it means you pushed yourself and worked hard the day before but just make sure you know the difference between the feeling of soreness and straining your muscles.

I have been doing this workout all summer and have been seeing great improvements to my body and I feel better also 🙂

Make sure you eat something immediately after your workout because it will make you feel better and give you the best results.  And DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Can’t stress that enough!

Hope this helps and good luck on getting your bikini body! 🙂


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