How to Pack for Vacation

As I get older, I realize it is much harder to pack just because nowadays there are so many trends and so many outfits that you want to bring with you on your trip. This year I do not want to hear my mom complain, “Sarah you have way too many clothes packed, take some out!” so I am going to plan what I bring this year as opposed to stuffing all my favorite tee’s and tanks in my one suitcase. 

Rule #1: First only pack essentials: This means lay out bathing suits, undergarments, beach coverups, a sweatshirt, etc. Also, when I say this it doesn’t mean bring 20 bathingsuits, five coverups, pack realistically. For example, if you are going for a week, you really only need four bathingsuits at max. You can repeat suits and also figure out if there is going to be a washing machine where you are staying because this helps big time. Also, if you are going somewhere warm, you really only need one sweatshirt because you will only be wearing it really at night and one pair of jeans. DO NOT bring five of your favorite pairs of jeans because you will NOT wear them. 

Rule #2: When I pack, I find it easier to lay out outfits as opposed to pick ten shirts and ten bottoms and hope they match. If you are going for a week, plan your outfit as best as possible for each day. This is only a rough guess of what you will actually wear because you do not what the exact forecast will be that day but if you going somewhere warm plan on wearing something that will keep you cool. I enjoy doing this because it makes it so much easier when you are actually on vacation and don’t have to stress about what to wear. 

Rule #3: Don’t go overboard with accessories. If you plan your outfits for each day it will be quite easy to pick accessories that go with each outfit. Try not to pick different accessories for each outfit. This makes you have to stuff a bunch of necklaces, earrings, etc in one bag. Try to bring neutral accessories that go with everything as opposed to different colors for each outfit. It is also very easy to lose accessories when on vacation so bringing less is better. 

Rule #4: Don’t bring your whole shoe collection! If you are like me and are in love with shoes, I understand that it is very hard not to bring at least five pairs but trust me, you DO NOT need to. They just take up so much room in your suitcase and this disables you from bringing more of your clothes. You should bring one pair of flip flops, (You do not need your whole Old Navy color assortment of flip flops) bring your black or white ones so they go with everything, bring a nicer shoe( bringing a pair of tan wedges) this way they will go with all my sundresses and bring a pair of sneakers if you are planning to workout down there which is a must! 

Do not stress about packing for vacation, it is supposed to be a great time and if you forgot something you really wanted to bring, well I guess you will just have to go shopping! 🙂 

I’ll be in Florida until next tuesday so I won’t be blogging as much but hope everyone has a great week like me:)Image


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