Denim on Denim

One style that is trending right now is denim on denim, not sure how I feel about this. Whenever I try to rock this style it never looks right to me but on these celebrities it looks great! I may try this look this week and let me know how you think it looks.


There are a few important tips you need to know if you are planning to try the denim on denim look:

1. Make sure there is another color that is used in your look. You do not want to just have the jean color in your outfit. Like in example #1 the yellow sweater helps add a little color in the outfit. 

2. Make sure they are two different color denims. You do not want to have the same color denim because it will look like a one piece. It is good to wear dark jeans with a lighter top like in example #2.

3. If it is chilly out the easiest solution for this look is to just wear a jacket! This takes some of the attention off the all denim and gives it a cute look. Since jean color is so neutral you can’t go wrong with any color or pattern coat. In example #3 the cheetah makes the look look awesome!


I’m beginning to love this look and can’t wait to experiment with it! Happy Thursday everyone:)



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