What Kind of Winter Jacket are You?


A Peacoat is great because you can wear it with a fancier outfit like a dress or skirt or you can wear it more casual with jeans! They also come in a variety of colors, Check out Old Navy!




Long jackets are great too because they keep the majority of your body warm! They also look great because you can buy them fitted so they still show off your figure. It also has a hood in case it snows! Check out North Face, I love their long down jacket!



Or are you a big fan of the parka like me? I love the parka because they are long so they keep you warm but also are very stylish looking. The fur on the hood adds to the outfit and it even looks adorable when putting the hood on. Check out Gap! 



Ski Jackets are also great too because they are so puffy and keep you warm when it snows. These are also one of the most popular types of jackets so you will have no trouble finding one that looks great on you! Check out American Eagle or a Department Store like Macys!



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