Everyone should check out the new line at H&M by Isabel Marant. She is a french designer and she has decided to share her lines with H&M at a cheaper price. Although the items are still a little pricey, you can find some great deals for the quality of her items. Her line opened on Wednesday, first on Fifth Avenue. Fashionistas waited in line all night to get into the store just to buy one of her items. Even Nicky Hilton was on scene braving the crowds, while DJ Hannah Bronfman worked the music, dressed in a T-shirt and jacket from the collection. Marant also has a wide variety of mens clothing that was a huge hit also.

Here’s a little sneak peek and if you like what you see I suggest going online to purchase some of her great items:

Basic Tee: 29.95



Boyfriend Jeans: $99




Wool Jacket: $149



Sequined Pants: $199




Jacket with Beaded Embroidery: $399



I promise that you will find some great items by Isabel Marant on H&M.com so go and check it out:)


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