Embrace Your Eyebrows!

Eyebrows are an accesory. They can really change the way a person looks and there are a lot of females out there that go “pluck crazy” and pluck off way too much so there is barely any there. This is even worse because they grow back so fast and it is very difficult to keep up with. But not even that; thin eyebrows are very unflattering. Everyone has a different face shape and different eyebrow shapes are a necessity when doing your eyebrows so plucking them all off isn’t your best idea. You have to take in consideration your height, your body and face shape, and bone structure. It is about the individual, not what you think is trendy. 

I do not understand why people think thin eyebrows are so much better though. I have pretty thick eyebrows and I wish they were thicker. I think they add a lot of character to your face and as long as you pluck the middle and the strays on the top and bottom, I think having them thick with a little shape, is much more flattering. 

Here are a few ladies that embrace bushy eyebrows and prove that waxing isn’t always a necessity:


Lily Collins


The Olsen Twins


Sofia Vergara


Embrace your eyebrows and stop plucking them too much, let them grow!


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