Anybody else a huge Lea Michele fan? Well as you all might know, she is recording a new album.She started it in October 2012 and recently finished it but when her fiance died, she decided to push back the release date to write a song for him. She recently just finished the song and it is called, “If You Say So.” These were the last words Cory said to her. This was so inspiring to me because I am a huge fan of Lea and Cory ever since the first season of Glee and I was horrified when he died. I can’t imagine how hard it is for Lea and I feel so bad for her everyday.

Lea also got a tattoo on her ribs of the words “If You Say So.” If any of you follow her on instagram, you would have seen that she was in the studio yesterday shooting her first music video. I am beyond excited to hear her new songs and especially the one dedicated to Cory.  Also, she has a song called “You’re Mine”, which she says reminds her so much of Cory whenever she listens to it.

I have recently started watching Glee and I remember Lea when she was the little dorky girl who dressed like a school girl, but seeing her transform has been wonderful. She is a beautiful talented woman now and a fashion icon for teens around the world.  

There is no release date for her album, but when there is, I’ll be sure to post!





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