Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Shop Til You Drop

I was very disappointed on Black Friday because of the lack of sales I found at many stores and the mall. I went out with my friends at midnight, just like every year and went to Buckland Hills mall. I got a few presents for my friends there but nothing greatly on sale. We then hit up Old Navy since it was right next to the mall, and most things were 50% off but nothing worth buying. So that was disappointing.

I then went home for some beauty sleep and my mom woke me up around 10 am to go out with her to shop. Loft was 50% off which sounds very good, but the line was wrapped around the store that we didn’t even bother trying anything on. I was looking for a winter jacket since it is freezing where I go to school and that was when me and my mom had some luck. Lord and Taylor is one of our favorite stores because of the great deals they have. We lucked out when we saw a Michael Kors down long black jacket 50% off. It looks great on and I actually wore it today! (Maybe I’ll post a pic a little later) As we were checking out, I saw this Calvin Klien tweed black and white long coat and I tried it on for the heck of it. And let me tell you, it looked fabulous. I fell in love with it and had to buy it even though it wasn’t too cheap. It was a treat to myself for all of the hard work I’ve done over the past semester I tell myself 😉 I bought a few TopShop items from Nordy’s also but nothing on sale of course.

Anybody do any Cyber Monday shopping? I’ve spent the past two hours looking online… I find online shopping so difficult! I’ve been looking for an envelope/asymmetric skirt for SO long but couldn’t seem to find one I liked. My mom actually told me about this site called boohoo which is a UK store but they ship to the US also. They had a really cute pink envelope skirt so I ordered that and a pair of plaid leggings. Topshop had these really cute plaid leggings but I didn’t want to spend 50 dollars on them so I bought them from boohoo which were 40 and 25 % off. Buying things online always makes me nervous because I don’t know how it will fit but I hope I get lucky with this one.

azz45697_cerise_xl azz43530_red_xl

How did everyone else make out this past weekend?


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