And the most popular item on Black Friday is…

It’s a week after Black Friday and the results are in! This item has been most popular since the early 1990’s. It was first seen on celebrities then started to be sold in every department store, online and many other locations. Girls couldn’t wait to get their first pair of warm fuzzy boots to wear with their leggings and oversized sweaters. Can you guess what this item is?


I never thought when I got my first pair in 5 th grade that these would be as popular as they are today. I remember when they only had the simple black, chestnut and tan boots. Today, they have all different styles which I think are so cool and it makes the classics look bad. I was never a fan of the classics but I do find the other styles like the bootie heels or the combat styles and moccasins a great accessory to an outfit. I actually got the booties for hanukah this year!

But it is crazy how popular the UGGS have gotten and it is safe to say they will not be going out of style anytime soon.


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