As Seen On TV! :)

Do you watch your favorite TV shows and find an outfit that you would love to have that one of the main characters are wearing? You search the web looking for something similar but have no luck? You also are nervous that their outfit is probably way out of your price range so you just give up looking. Well stop there because I recently found this great website, where they have the most popular TV shows on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC Family, and a few other great channels. Once you find the channel your show is on, click on the TV show and pick the episode. Almost all of the outfits that were in that show are right there! It is really a great website! 

I stumbled upon this website when I saw this adorable magenta trench coat, Rachel Berry from Glee was wearing! I went to this site, clicked on Glee and picked the character I was looking for. Luckily, the trench coat was there and I was disappointed that it was 400 dollars from Nordstroms. I decided that was a little out of my price range so I was about to leave the site when I saw a link similar items and there was a jacket that looked exactly like it for only 100 dollars! This one is also from Nordstroms so I know that it is also great quality. It is on my Christmas wish list, but since I was a little spolied for Hanukah I am not expecting to get it. Maybe I’ll treat myself if I make the Dean’s List 🙂





P.S. I always use this site for a lot of the fashion I see on Nashville because the outfits are to die for! Some are expensive but you can find others at a decent price.


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