It is Finals week at my college and I am planning to study all weekend. Next week you will see students in sweatpants, sweatshirts, hair all messy and maybe even pajamas. My motto that I have always followed, is Dress Well, Test Well. When I am dressed in sweaptants and a big t-shirt, I feel disgusting and self- conscious. I could never imagine taking a test looking like that because if I feel self concious about the way I look, I won’t be confident going into the exam. Studies haven’t shown that there is a direct correlation between the two but it definitely does affect your attitude. By dressing nice, it gives you the self confidence that you not only look good, but you will do well on your exam also. It can ease your nerves a bit. 

When I say this, I don’t mean to go into your exam with a skirt or a dress. By all means, go for it! But you can feel confident in the way you look by also wearing something comfortable. Here are some tips;

Jeggings: These are a great alternative from jeans and are also so cozy. You can wear these with a cute flowy top or oversized sweater. I suggest wearing riding boots or sneakers also just because UGGS will make it look a little sloppy. 


Stylish Sweatpants: Have you seen those dressy sweatpants? I don’t know if they have a specific name to them but they are so comfortable and also very cute. I actually think these look nicer than jeans sometimes. They are also nice and flowy too so they are not too tight and uncomfortable. I know Forever 21 sells these, but my mom got me a pair of Buffalo sweatpants from Nordstroms that have a much dressier feel than normal sweatpants. 


Nordstroms, 34 dollars.

If you scroll down on my blog, the plaid sweatpants from Boohoo are also a great example. 

Top Knot: Don’t want to straighten your hair before a final? I don’t blame you! But also don’t just put it in a messy ponytail because that will make you feel sloppy. If your hair is long enough( mine isn’t unfortunately) try a top knot bun. This makes your outfit look very classy and makes it a little more fancy. Make sure you don’t do it too tight though to give you a headache! I’ve never done one myself but they look pretty easy, if you can’t do it i’m sure there are tutorials on Youtube! 



Cat Eye: You probably won’t have time to do your full makeup on the day of an exam, nor do you want to. I suggest just doing a simply cat eye with your black liquid eyeliner. Whenever I do this look, I keep the rest of my face simple to put all the attention on the eye so by doing this, it makes your makeup quick and simple! There are great tutorials for this on Youtube also, but it is relatively simple. I use liquid eyeliner by Benefit called Black Out, but I used to use ELF’s liquid eyeliner forever and it was only a dollar!!! I love this look and I do it almost every day. 



I know everybody is so worried about finals so by all means I am not trying to make you worry about what to wear too. But take into consideration that sometimes the better you look, the better you feel and this will definitely help when taking an exam. I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope everybody aces their exams and also looks and feels their best! 



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