What Girl Doesn’t Love Bows?

You probably have noticed that a lot of the pictures I post, I have a bow in my hair. This is a new accessory for me and I am really enjoying playing with this new hair style. One of my closest friends, Katie, actually got me into this style! Her mom has her own bag company called Kay Dee’s Bag Boutique where her mother makes all different types of bags from totes to makeup bags of all different patterns. Her mom also makes bows in a variety of patterns. She sent Katie a package of all different bows and we both had so much fun incorporating them into our everyday outfits. She also sent her red and white chevron bows which are our school colors so a group of our friends all wore them in our hair! I must say, we looked adorable so thank you Mama Johnson!  🙂

If you also think these bows are to die for or are interested in looking at her various bags you can go to her Facebook link, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kay-Dees-Bag-Boutique/107060948116 



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