The Hair is FINALLY growing!

Before I started my Freshman year of college I wanted to go in with a change, wanted to do something different to my appearance. I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love and cut it just above my shoulders. I have had this haircut before so I wasn’t too nervous but unfortunately this time around it looked awful. I hated the way my hair dresser cut it and I was very disappointed especially since the next week I had to move into school. The first month of school, my hair didn’t look or feel like me and it made the transition into college even tougher. 

Well, It’s been three months now and I can finally say my hair is starting to really grow and I love it. It doesn’t flip at the end when I straighten it anymore and you can actually see my angles. Of course, it is right before break that my hair starts to look good but now I know that when I go back to school in a month, my hair will be even longer and will feel more like me!




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