How To: Red Lips

Red Lipstick is a classic look that has been around for decades. I remember starting to wear this shade probably beginning of junior year, self conscious that I looked funny since nobody at my school wore lipstick. Now while I’m in college, it is almost second nature to put lipstick on when doing my makeup. Red lips is probably one of my favorite looks because it gives an edgy and classy touch to your outfit. It dresses up your look, which can really help when you are in a rush. Red lips is a difficult look to pull off though. It can take months for you to find the perfect shade that fits you and it can be quite frustrating which causes people to shy away from this look. Here are some tips to follow when pulling off the red lip trend: 

1. Find the right shade for your skin color.

  1. If you have fair skin pick a true red. The candy apple color will be a great contrast for your fair skin. Like Taylor Swift, she is a perfect example of a girl with fair skin rocking the true red. When buying a true red, I usually resort to Nars.                 Image
  2. If you have beige skin, try a coral, red orange lip. This color looks great with darker skin and make sure you find a color that is not too orangey so it doesn’t look costumey. Prime example would be Jessica Alba because she looks great in a coral and doesn’t look too orange. Mac makes a great coral that I wore for Prom last year. Image
  3. If you have medium skin, you should go for more of a brick red. Bold brick red looks great with a girl with a slight tan. Don’t worry about going too dark, the darker the better with brick red. Lea Michele’s skin tone is great for the brick red lip. Sephora makes a deep red that it is great.


2. The Perfect Formula

  1.  Matte: Personally I love Matte. Nars makes the best red lip matte that I have ever used before which is my personal favorite. I think Matte usually stays on the longest and looks the most natural. This formula is great when you are planning to wear it for a long time like a long day of work/school.Image
  2. Glossy red: Personally I’ve never worn one that’s too glossy because it looks bad on me but most people would wear it with very subtle eye makeup putting most of the attention on the gloss. This is a statement look and try to buy one without flitter into to make it look more sophisticated. This look is sometimes hard to pull off because it can sometimes look costumey or childish. Make sure you don’t overdo it when wearing gloss. 
  1. Stain: This is an upcoming look in the world of makeup. These can come in lipstick or gloss form and last up to 12 hours. The downside about this product is that it is hard to come off. 

*Lipstick can be expensive so my suggestion is to buy the cheap drug store lipsticks as testers. Once you find a color that you find looks and works really well for you, buy the expensive color at your local Sephora. I actually have gotten into buying NYC brand which has two dollar lipsticks!! These are awesome because I buy several colors, layer them with my expensive ones and then have multiple colors. You’ll be surprised by how awesome these colors look. Image

NYC, 418 Sugarplum 1.99

3. Wearing Red Lipstick Effectively:

  1. Keep the rest of your makeup subtle. I usually do a simple cat eye and mascara. I don’t put eyeshadow or blush because I want the main focus of my face to be the red lips. If you wear too much makeup, it defeats the purpose of red lips. Look classy, not trashy when wearing this look.
  2. Check your lips often. Wearing red lipstick can be a pain when you have a busy day. After you eat lunch, always check it and reapply! Also, before you go out check your teeth because it can be easy to get some red on your teeth when first applying it. Wipe off the corners and blot if you put on too much.
  3. Wear simple colors. Red lipstick always looks the best when wearing a simple outfit. Red lips is a must when wearing an LBD because it is the statement piece to the dress. Also, it looks great with denim or natural colors. Never wear red lips when wearing a busy top or different color jeans. It becomes too much when you’re wearing all different colors and you begin to look like a clown.

Red lips is such a feminine look and has been around forever. It’s been around so long ago with Marilyn Monroe to now Taylor Swift and so many other talented actresses and singers. Have fun with this look and whenever you add red lipstick to an outfit it makes you look so much more put together and classy. 




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