VS Fashion Show!

The annual VS Fashion Show was recorded mid-november but aired last night at 10 on CBS. Boy, was it a blast to watch! I must say that is was the best show so far, and not only because the amazing Taylor Swift performed. 

Fall Out Boy kicked it off by singing, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark,” with Taylor Swift. Taylor wore an England flag dress and a mini top hat which made her look fierce. I really enjoyed how fun the Angels were on stage though. They looked like they were having a blast by blowing air kisses to the audience, and throwing up peace signs. 

A few of my favorite angels that really impressed me like usual were Candace, Cara and Alessandra. I find them to be so beautiful and backstage they seemed like such nice girls. It was no surprise that their bodies looked amazing and I could only wonder what kind of workouts they all undergo. And who was the lucky lady to wear the 10 million dollar bra? Candace my WCW ( women crush wednesday)!



Taylor ended the night by singing Trouble which got everyone in the audience singing along.Taylor looked so confident out there and could have definitely pulled off as being one of the Angels. Her legs looked phenomenal. When her friend Lily Aldrigdge, an angel, walked on the runway she linked arms with her and walked her down the rest of the length of the runway. I am not only in love with all of the bras that were worn at the show but I loved Taylor’s sparkley mini dress.



It made me so happy seeing Adam Levine in the audience and when fiance Behati walked the runway she blew a kiss at him. Another thing I loved about the show was their holiday commercial. They shot in Paris a few months ago and VS actually paid someone to keep the Eiffel Tower lit all through the night. The angels said they slept all day and then began shooting the commercial at midnight until dawn. They said it was a blast. This makes me even more excited to study abroad in Paris in less than two years!


Last night the angels were great, including Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy! Here is your VS angels class of 2013!



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