Five Fun Accesories to Try this Winter!

I don’t know about you but in the winter it is just so cold that all you want to do is keep warm with hot cocoa and sit by the fire. But unfortunately, winter lasts about four months and we can’t do that everyday (although we can try). The best part about the winter season in my opinion is the fashion. I love layering my clothes to not only keep warm but to look trendy too. Here are some great tips on what to wear in the cold!

1. Scarves: Scarves are great to wear with an oversized sweater and long jacket. It is all about the layering. I know that the extra material of the scarf is what I need to keep warm walking from class to class. Personally, I love the infinity scarves because you can wrap them around as many times as you want to give you all different looks. 


2. Beanies: Hats are so fun to wear because they can make an outfit. Hats are the finishing touch to the outfit to make it look great. They also are great because they keep your ears warm and are perfect when you are having a bad hair day. Personally I like the beanie style because they are simple and they come in a variety of colors. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people around campus wearing them with cute sayings on the front which I thought was really cool and I might invest in buying one. 



3. Leg Warmers: I remember buying my first pair in middle school and I haven’t worn them for probably a few years but I swear they are coming back. These not only keep your legs super warm but are super cute also. I usually would wear these with leggings and my riding boots or I think they would look cute if you wore them with tights when wearing a dress or skirt. Have fun with it and I promise you will look super trendy. I usually would buy earth tones so you can wear them with more things like burgundy, hunter green, or brown.


4. Parkas: Need a new jacket? I would invest in a long down jacket. I got one for Hanukah this year and I wear it every day. The great thing about buying a black one is that it literally matches everything. It also is the warmest jacket for the winter. This morning it was 10 degrees here in New York and I wasn’t even cold when wearing mine. Mine is by Michael Kors and I would highly recommend it but I have a lot of friends who have them by North Face and they love theirs too. I recommend getting a fitted one too because it shows your shape and doesn’t overpower you. Mine is a little longer than this picture but this is also a good length.



5. Fur- Faux Fur of course: What better accessory to keep you warm than fur? This season I have seen many different styles of fur that I really want to try. Fur vests are great and my mom actually bought one last year which we had a lot of fun with. I have also seen fur wraps that you wrap around your neck similar to a scarf. Those look super warm. As long as it is fake, I definitely recommend this look.



Hope this helps and email or comment pictures of your outfits if you try any of these fun accessories! 


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