How to Wear the Perfect Christmas Sweater

Many people think that you can buy an oversized red sweater, wear it with leggings and call it a day… But you have a lot more options to styling your sweater. Here are some great tips in buying and styling your outfit for the holidays.

1. Buy an oversized sweater that is festive: When I say festive I don’t mean buy a red and green sweater with christmas trees on it because to be honest, how often are you going to wear that? Probably only on Christmas. When buying a holiday sweater, try to find one with holiday colors like red, green, gold, silver and please don’t buy one with a christmas tree, reindeer, etc. Also, when buying an oversized sweater, please don’t buy a sweater in a size large when you are a small, thats not what an oversized sweater is. Buy a sweater that it is your appropriate size and is designed to be oversized. This way you know it was designed to fit someone your size.  Image


Topshop; 92 dollars

2. Another fun way to wear a sweater especially around the holidays is by wearing a collared blouse underneath. This gives a very classy look and it is also a very easy way to add some style to your outfit. A great idea to do during the holidays is wear a plaid red and green blouse under a neutral dark sweater. You could also do the opposite by wearing just a denim button down with a colorful or patterned sweater. This makes you look festive but also makes it look like you are not trying too hard. This style you can wear all winter, not just the week before Christmas.

Image Image J. Crew

3. Another acessory to add to a holiday sweater is a necklace. Chunky necklaces are very in right now, and look the best when it comes to wearing them with sweaters. I would recommend wearing this type of necklace with a very simple sweater because the necklace will be the statement piece so you don’t want it to be very overwhelming.  ImageImage

4.  The final step to the perfect holiday sweater is what do you wear on your bottoms? I think it really depends on what the sweater looks like and what you have in your wardrobe but here are a few suggestions. When wearing a plaid button down and neutral sweater, I recommend dark jeans. This would look great with bean boots or riding boots.  Image

When wearing a patterned sweater, I recommend keeping it calm with just leggings. This will put the attention on the sweater and this style will also look great with riding boots.


A final way you can wear your holiday sweater would be by pairing it with a skater skirt. This is my favorite style because it makes the sweater a tad dressy which is perfect for the holidays. I think a white button down would look great under a patterned sweater and black skirt. For shoes, I would wear little booties or oxfords.


I will post my holiday attire on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and I would love to see everybody else’s style too. You can send me selfies to my email, or comment them on my posts! I also start my internship on Monday, so I will be posting my ootd on Monday which I am very excited but very nervous about:)


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