The Best Gifts For Everyone in your Life Under 100 Dollars

In case you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, here are some great gift ideas for everyone in your life.

For Mom:

L.L. Bean Bathrobe

This is great for mom, especially with the cold weather. She can put it on right after a shower or wear it with her pj’s to bed. My mom works from home so she always has her bathrobe on. The great thing about L.L. Bean robes is that you can get it monogrammed for under ten dollars. 


For Dad: 

Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speakers

If your dad loves playing music around the house as much as mine does, this is perfect. The great thing about these speakers is that it is bluetooth so you can connect your Iphone’s music to the speakers and it will play wirelessly. We have the Bose speakers that are similar to these, but a little more pricey. These are a great alternative. 


For Girls:

Naked 1-3 Eyeshadow Palettes:

This is a great gift for any age because girls from 13 to 60+ wear eyeshadow. The colors in these palettes are very great because they are all very neutral. The third palette just recently came out so it is on high demand for the holidays but the other palettes will definitely be available.


For Boys:

Art of Shaving Kit

All men share this common feeling of manliness when talking about shaving. So what better gift to give than a great shaving kit from the Art of Shaving? There are many different kits you can purchase with all different items but one that I thought looked great was the Mid-Size kit that contains four essential items for the perfect shave: Pre-Shave Oil Pump (1 fl. oz.), Shaving Cream Pump (1.5 fl.) oz., Genuine Badger Shaving Brush, After-Shave Balm Pump (1 fl. oz.)


Hope this helps everyone pick out gifts for the special people in their lives. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! 🙂


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