Sarasota Shopping Experience

My family and I spent the week in our Florida home to celebrate the semester ending and to have some much needed relaxation. When coming to Florida we usually spend most of our time by the beach, lounging by the pool and even doing a lot of shopping. The weeks that lead to our Fl vacations usually my mom and I try to save our money. The shopping in Florida is really great because there are so many high end and trendy boutiques that we spend a lot of our time in. Last time my mom and I came to FL we went a little overboard by spending a little too much. We realized this when my dad got the bills the next month and almost had a cow. We promised ourselves we would never do that again. But of course we did do some shopping, how can’t you?

One of my mom and I’s favorite boutiques in Sarasota is Foxy Lady. They have THE best items from high end brands like Nicole Miller to cheaper brands like Miss Me. We spend a lot of time and money there because the clothes they have are unlike anything we have at home. I must say, my mom and I did very well with not spending too much with only buying two items; and of course my favorite things, pants.


The first pair of pants were a pair of Hudson jeans (which I was very excited about because I don’t have a pair of Hudson’s yet) and they are white on the front and black on the back. We stopped at Nordstroms Rack after Foxy Lady and got a very cute black leather peplum top to match these. I will post a picture when wearing this outfit, its been too hot in FL to wear it though.


Originally: 350 Dollars On Sale: 100 Dollars

Can be bought here .

The next pair of pants I got were Miss Me patterned jeans. I love Miss Me’s because they fit me very well and when I saw this pattern I couldn’t resist not buying them. This is the best picture I could find but when I wear them, I’ll be sure to post it. The peplum top from Nordstrom’s Rack will also look really good with these.


Originally: 150 Dollars On Sale: 50 Dollars

These were on sale so no longer available.

One of the main reasons I am excited to go to back to College is to wear all of my new clothes. I got a few other things from other boutiques but these are my favorite purchases of the week.

We also stopped at Ulta because we don’t have one near me so I’ve never been. I thought it was a great store because they have high quality makeup while also having the drug store makeup. It was so overwhelming because there was so much makeup to choose from so I basically just stuck to my Bare Minerals. I got a set that had mascara ( my favorite brand), two pigment eyeshadows, a lipgloss and a brush. It was a very good deal since it was only twenty dollars. I tried it last night and I loved the colors that it came with and it looked really nice. I will wear it when I start my internship Monday and take a selfie!


Can be bought here.

Well I am flying back home tomorrow and am really going to miss being in paradise but I guess I have to get back to the grind and routine for the rest of break. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 🙂


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