Makeup for the Holidays

Christmas is in three days, crazy right?! I feel like the month of December just flew by! Have you decided on a cute outfit but not sure how to do your makeup for the many christmas parties you will be going to throughout the week? You don’t want to overdo it with the makeup but you want to also look your best for the holidays. Here are some looks that I think will look great throughout the week:

download (3)This look has light eye makeup so I would just do a very thin cat eye, maybe some light smokey eyeshadow with mascara. I would finish off the look with a glossy red, either a lipgloss or a lipstick. I would recommend Nars Jungle Red which can be bought here.

holiday-makeup-ideas-2Instead of making the lips the focal point, try making your eyes pop. Depending on your eye color, you might not do this bronze and gold smokey eye but I think it will look great on any eye color besides brown eyes. For this look start with a bronze base and get darker as you get higher on the eye. Here is a tutorial, I recommend watching before trying this look out.



And who said red was the only color to wear on your lips during the holidays? A pink lip would look great with a gold or silver top/dress. Make sure when making this type of statement, you make your eyes look subtle. You don’t want to overdo the eye makeup when wearing such a popping lip color. I’d recommend Mac’s Girl About Town pink lip color that can be bought here.

Here are some more celebrity inspired makeup looks for the holidays:

0d4d734d5274e744_Lily-Collins.xxxlarge_1 slide_324674_3100068_free slide_324674_3100062_free slide_324674_3100061_free

Not sure what I am going to do yet in terms of makeup for Christmas but I will most likely stick to the usual cat eye and red lips, how adventurous of me.. kidding!



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