5 Things I Can’t Wait to See at the Golden Globes 2014

Before I start this post, I want to apologize to all of my followers. I am not sure why, but I have had no motivation to blog lately just because I have been SO busy with my internship, spending time with family/friends while on break and a bunch of other reasons. But it is the New Year and I realized that this is a horrible way to start off 2014. So I am back babes, and I am ready to start blogging daily again 🙂 

Since The Golden Globes are on tonight and I am sure everyone will be turning their TV’s on to the Red Carpet in approximately a half hour, so I’d like to first share what I would like to see at the 2014 Golden Globe’s this year.


First I would love to see Kerry Washington in white because she looks absolutely flawless when she wears this color. Last year, she wore a cream lace gown that she looked stunning in but this year, white would look best. From seeing her in white business suits, skirts, and dresses in Scandal, I think she would be Best Dressed if she wore this. Kerry never lets us down though and always looks flawless so I am not too nervous. I would also love to see her win an award for Scandal because she is phenomenal. 



#2 :

I would also love to see Lena Dunham win for the show Girls. I have been in bed with the Flu all weekend and I just watched the first two seasons and I LOVE it. It is hilarious and is a totally accurate account of how young girls act. I am also so impressed that Lena directed and created this show and also is the main actress in it. I also can’t wait to see what she and her co-star Allison Williams wears because I find her to be gorgeous. 



I just got super excited because I just found Taylor Swift is nominated for her song Sweeter Than Fiction! I am not only SO excited to see what she decides to wear but I also can’t wait to see her win. Rumor has it, she is also dating the CEO of Snapchat, so I wonder if she will bring him as her date.



Although, I have only watched the first season of this show, I hope Breaking Bad brings home a few awards. My mom is a huge fan of this show and can’t say enough great things about it and it also is constantly on my twitter feed is great reviews. The main character is a great actor and he deserves to win at this years award show. 




Someone I can’t wait to see on the Red Carpet is Jennifer Lawrence. She also wears the best dresses so I am so excited to see what she picks to wear this year. I also hope that she wins an award American Hustle because she killed it in that movie. 



Who are you excited to see tonight? I will write a review tomorrow about best and worst dressed so stay tuned for that! Happy Sunday everyone:) 



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