Golden Globes Review; Red Carpet Edition

I must say I was VERY impressed with the dresses I saw on the Red Carpet last night. There was very few that I didn’t like so it is very tough for me to decide who I think is best and worst dressed. I can’t wait to watch Fashion Police tonight to see who they pick as their best & worsts. Here is a little review on who I loved and didn’t love last night:


The first person I saw on the Red Carpet was Zooey Deschanel and I was like WOW! Zooey always dresses very classy and I love her style but this was beautiful. Not many people can make a crop top look classy, but leave it to Zooey to be able to. I love the softness of the dress and then the way she put her hair up and the heels are just the cherry on top. Definitely a Best Dressed Nominee.


I love Hayden’s black and white Tom Ford dress. It fits her body perfectly and she just rocks it. The heels look great with gown also. I want to talk about her hair though; at first I was like eh not loving the slick backed look, kind of looks a little strange to me but after I have looked at many pictures of it, I think it looks great on her! I think it gives her great confidence and totally fits her style and personality. It’s funny because as I was watching Nashville, my mom and I were wondering if she got a haircut because it looked like she was wearing a wig and we were right!


When I saw Margot Robbie, my jaw completely dropped. First I was like, who is that?! and second, I was like who is she wearing because that dress is GORGEOUS. If I could wear any gown from last night, it would by far be this dress. Margot is wearing Gucci and it fits her body perfectly. After seeing Margot in this dress, I am going to see Wolf of Wall Street this week! Definitley a Best Dressed Nominee.


I was very happy to see Kerry in a form of white, like I wrote about earlier but I am mad at myself for totally forgetting that she is pregnant! I think she couldn’t have picked a better dress because this dress makes her body look great even with the baby bump. I was very disappointed when Scandal didn’t win an award though 😦


Let’s talk about the other pregnant beauty; Olivia Wilde. Olivia looks best in emerald and that is why this dress looks phenomenal on her. I love the long sleeves and the sequins. She is wearing Gucci, and it makes her body look hot. Did anyone see her makeup last night?! She had a nice dark purple eyeshadow that complemented the emerald which looked great. She definitely got Best Makeup in my opinion. I’ll give her best dressed nominee also.


Oh, Amy Adams, I think she didn’t wear a bra so often in American Hustle that she decided not to wear one to the Golden Globes also. JK Amy looks AWESOME! The dress flows so nicely on her and I love the halter style top. I don’t love how high her hair is, but she looks great. And a big congrats to Amy for her win for American Hustle. I would’ve been disappointed if she didn’t win because she killed it in that film.


Let’s talk about Jennifer Lawrence… I have mixed feelings about this dress. I really don’t love it at all, and she usually looks stunning so I was very upset to see myself not loving her gown. Her hair and makeup look flawless, but the dress is just UGH. You would just think that she would have tried a little harder to find a better dress because she is JENNIFER LAWRENCE and everyone loves her! Congrats to her though for winning best supporting actress, she deserved it!


My jaw completely dropped when I saw Lupita Nyong’o on the red carpet in this elegant Ralph Lauren gown. She looks STUNNING and literally flawless. Her makeup looks amazing along with her hair too. She definitely made a statement last night for a lot of people don’t really know who she is. What a great first impression Lupita! I guarantee you that she gets Best Dressed tonight on Fashion Police. Best Dressed Nominee, of course for me also.


Is it bad to say I wasn’t really surprised when I saw Lena Dunham looking awful on the Red Carpet? This is awful but whenever I see her at an awards show, she just doesn’t look good and doesn’t wear what would look best on her body. And don’t say because she is overweight because there are a lot of overweight women who looked beautiful last night. This dress is just too tight and is the wrong color! Worst dressed nominee.


Oh Cate Blanchett, looked so very classy in this black Armani Prive dress. At first when I saw it, I really didn’t love it but then when I saw the back I was like OMG this is gorgeous. She is one elegant woman, and she picked the perfect dress! Here is the best picture I could find of the back of this beautiful dress. Image


Julia Roberts, what are you wearing? I know many people have been raving about this look but I just do not get it! It looks like she’s wearing a button down blouse under her gown. I don’t know, it just didn’t do anything for me. Julia is a major star so I am a little disappointed in her choice of gown for the night.


Miss Taylor Swift is next and everyone knows how I feel about her so I have to say she looks just stunning. This dress is different than a lot of other things she has worn and I love how she took a little risk. I wasn’t surprised to see her in Red though! Is it just me or does she look super skinny though, someone has to tell her to put some meat on those bones!

There are many other dresses that I loved and hated last night but these were my favorites. So many people looked beautiful last night and it was a great year for women and movies for there was a lot of great winners and nominees!

I believe the Best Dressed for the night definitley had to be Lupita Nyong’o just because it was her first big awards night and she made a great impression in that beautiful gown. She looked absolutely flawless.

Worst dress would probably have to Lena Dunham just because who would wear that awful yellow color which made her stick out like a sore thumb?!


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