Motives on the chop!

So as some of you have already seen via Instagram or Facebook, I decided to chop my hair! First ill show you a before and after pic then I will explain my motives of the cut.



Since about last year I always wanted to have blunt bangs but was always scared to actually do it for obvious reasons… What if it looks bad on me? What if they’re too hard to style? And many more questions ran through my head. Being the new year and a lot of things changing in my life, I wanted a new look so what better time to make my dream cut? I told myself that now that I am older I will have to wake up each day and style it because bangs are a lot of maintenance but that I think it will deff be worth it.
I wasn’t sure what cut I wanted exactly so during the Golden Globes red carpet I kept looking on Pinterest for the perfect look for my hair. Then I look up and see Reese Witherspoon not only in a beautiful dress but with a great hairstyle and I immediately wanted that look! I brought this picture to my hairdresser and she copied the look. I couldn’t be more happy with my new cut. I think it is great for the new year and it will be a great new look to start the spring semester off with. Getting bangs was deffinitley worth the wait and a great decision made.



One thought on “Motives on the chop!

  1. Hi. Found your blog while surfing for hairstyle ideas. I’m a part-time stylist and I think your bangs are way cute !!! The overall length is perfect too. I’m sure you were a little nervous. When you’re ready to wear your bangs a little different, try letting them grow 2 or 3 inches so you have swoop bangs falling past your right eye, I bet you’ll like that look too. You were right on with you comment about Lena Dunham at the Golden Globes. She should never come out in public. Unless it’s dark … and raining. GAIL

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