#AerieReal New Campaign Ad’s Refreshing, Fun, and Sexy

As I was checking the mail the other day, I was happy when I got the 10 dollar off and free undie from the Aerie coupons, but when I looked closer at the ad I realized that the models were different than the usual skinny, tall and beautiful ones that are always on the billboards and covers for Aerie. The girls actually had skin on their stomachs and still looked happy. I found this very refreshing to see because nowadays, anorexic women suffocate the pages of all my fashion magazines.

I wanted more information on the reasoning behind Aerie’s idea of putting “real” ladies on their ads because it is a bad thing to say but it could be risky for their company because it goes against the norm of the average lingerie company. I read that Aerie is campaigning the #Aeriereal ad which means that they removed all airbrushing from their photographs. This means that they are leaving every beauty mark, tattoo, and flaw on their model’s bodies. The timing of this campaign couldn’t have been more perfect after the Lena Dunham/Vogue/Jezebel scandal.

Personally, I think this was a great idea for Aerie because this will target all different types of girls. They are also going against what the usual lingerie companies intend to do so that will also grab many people’s attention. I am interested to see how the company does in the next few months and I will keep you girls updated. Hopefully this teaches young girls that it is okay to have imperfections and that nobody is perfect so be happy with what you have.






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