My Winter Interning Experience

As many of you know, I did an internship in New York City over my Winter Break. The company that I interned for was called Material Wrld, which is a luxury resell company. This means that if a woman had a luxurious clothing item, they would be able to send it to our New York office and we would be able to put it for sale on This is a great idea because so many people bring their designer clothing items to second hand stores and don’t get the correct money back. At Material Wrld, they would give a reasonable amount of money back to the seller.

My experience at Material Wrld was unforgettable. When I got on the two hour train ride to New York City December 23rd, I honestly did not know what to expect. It was my first real internship so it was normal to have the nervous butterflies but I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the office located in West Soho. Not only did I learn how to work the Subway system of New York City but learned SO much at Material Wrld. I was honestly surprised with how much they taught me and allowed me to do for their company.

The average day at the office went a little like this; I would arrive at 1030 am which meant I would have to wake up at 6 to catch the 7 am train from New Haven to New York City. Usually in the morning, my “boss” would have me list items onto the Materialwrld website. This meant I would have to go through the clothes we got the previous day and measure them, describe them and then put them on the website for the price we wanted to list them at. This took a lot of time and I did this most days but I found it very enjoyable . The great thing about this was that when I went home and went on the Material Wrld website, I was able to show my family all the work I did that day and actually show them the items I listed. They also taught me how to style the mannequins with the clothing and take pictures of the items. This was probably my favorite part just because it was interesting to see how to take a clothing item and style it to make it marketable to buyers. A final task I did often was work on the content side. Since they are a new company they are working on a blog that they are going to broadcast very soon but I would find information that would interest women that we could post on our blog. For example, I found information on how to treat stains on certain types of clothing, how to be a smart online shopper and many other topics. This was very enjoyable because I was able to surf blogs and the web for this information which is something I would even do in my free time.

My time at Material Wrld was unforgettable. I worked and networked with some amazing people and I know that will come in handy in the future. It was the perfect first internship because I found it so inspiring to see these two women start their own business and see how far they have come. The two women I worked for were so easy to talk to and they told me all about how they came up with the idea of their company and how they went about starting this company. This inspired me and made me set goals for my future and motivated me to aim for big things in my life because it shows how anything is possible. This internship made me stop doubting my dreams of working in the fashion industry when I am older and I know I will do whatever it takes to get there.


For more information about Material Wrld, check out



They market their company in such a fun way making it relatable to all different women. I thought this was so funny and clever.



This is me setting up the goody bags for one of Material Wrld’s big events. It was at Paul LaBrecque Salon where we offered free makeovers, blow outs and manicures to our customers. It was a great night.

Now that my internship is over, my Spring Semester starts tomorrow morning at 8 am. I am actually very excited and motivated for a new semester and new classes.


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