Are you a “Fast Fashionista” or a “Slow Fashionista”?

Today was the first day of my first Fashion class at college and I must say there is no better word to describe it than awesome! It was not just awesome to be around girls that have a passion for style and trends as much as I do but it was also awesome to have a professor that was just so knowledgable about the subject. My professor just came back from Paris a week ago for he was doing some fashion related project there and he has to go back to Paris, China, Singapore and Florence all in this one semester also.

One thing I learned in my first class today that really got me thinking was the topic of Fast Fashion. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a type of fashion designer or company that quickly changes their trends and styles which causes their customers to constantly try to keep up with the latest styles. For example, stores like Forever 21, H&M, Zara are all considered Fast Fashion because they are constantly bringing in new inventory with new products. 

On the other hand, there is the topic of Slow Fashion. Slow fashion is timeless trends that will most likely never go out of style.These items are much more expensive and are usually luxurious items. Some designers might be J. Crew, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren.

On that note, what are you; a fast fashionista or a slow fashionista? This took me a little while to think about because I don’t even really understand my sense of style. For example, I love dressing preppy by wearing my favorite designer Ralph Lauren or J. Crew but I also dress very edgy by adding fur vests or studs to my outfits. I am not confused by my style because I am very confident in the way I dress because it is a way for me to express myself. My fashionista friend Katie explained that my sense of style was preppy with a side of edgy/glam. By saying this, I would say I am a combination between a fast and slow fashion shopper. My average shopping experience usually is me buying a statement piece like an expensive J.Crew sweater or a BCBG top and then I’ll accessorize this with fast fashion. After I pick out my statement piece, I go to H&M (I really dislike Forever 21), Nordstroms, or Lord & Taylor and find some inexpensive items to accessorize with. I honestly think this is the best way to shop because you will have a few great pieces in your wardrobe followed by interchangeable inexpensive items to add to your nicer items.



This outfit I am wearing in this picture with my cousin is an example of Fast and Slow fashion because I am wearing a BCBG Top that is slow fashion and this fur vest was only 35 dollars at Lord & Taylor to accessorize the top.



This is an example of Fast/Slow fashion because the turtleneck is Ralph Lauren which is a timeless piece with a Forever 21, 15 dollar skirt. The necklace that is accessorizing the turtleneck is from Nordstroms that was about 25 dollars which is also an example of fast fashion.



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