Best Dressed at the Grammy’s 2014

Before I say my top 5 fav of last night on the Red Carpet, I want to say I was not impressed with the dress selections last night and was it just me or was there a lot of people missing on the red carpet? Like where was Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and Miley Cyrus? They usually are very well dressed and I was a little dissapointed that we didn’t get to see them. 

Starting off my best dressed fav’s I will go with Anna Kendrick. She always impresses me with very trendy dresses and this definitley was her style. It is a little revealing but hey, if you got it flaunt it. Her hair looks great too. This was a great choice for Ms. Kendrick. The shoes also make the outfit because it gives it a more edgy look just like Anna’s style. 


Next up is Pink wearing Armani Prive. I was very happy when I saw her rocking red. Looking at her dresses in the past, she always goes with an edgy look but this was very classy. I think it not only physically fit her perfectly but it fit her because she has a kid, she’s married and this dress made her look like a woman. Her performance was also flawless from her crazy vocals to her acrobatic moves she continues to amaze us. Going with subtle makeup was also a great choice for her because it puts our attention on the gorgeous dress. 


My favorite, of course, was Taylor Swift wearing Gucci. From the sparkle to the cut of the dress, it just looked stunning on her. Taylor even said to Ryan Seacrest that it felt like she was wearing a suit of armor.  Taylor not only looked flawless but her performance was the best performance of the night, in my opinion. Her emotional song of All Too Well is my favorite song written by her and the way she performed it was unbelievable. From the headbanging, to the emotion in her voice, everyone in the audience could tell that All Too Well has a major impact on Taylor’s love life. I am hoping after everyone heard her perform, they realized that she is a great song writer, performer and person. Also, we can’t forget to comment on the gorgeous dress she wore for her perfomance. Very elegant and fit the song perfectly. 


Check out her performance if you didn’t already see it… Or watch it again like I have all morning. 🙂

Number four would have to go to Kasey Musgraves. I feel like there is pressure on new artists when it is their first couple of times on the Red Carpet and she killed it. This dress is a dress that probably wouldn’t photograph as well than it would look in person, so I really wish I was able to see it up close but in pictures it looked very unique. It honestly made her look like a princess. The subtle makeup was also a good choice with the light pink lipstick. Great choice Kasey and congrats on best country album, which I actually found a bit surprising. 



Last but not least was Beyonce’s dress. I do have mixed feelings about it because I do find it a bit revealing in the crotch area but she does rock it. It is a bold dress to wear, not many people would look good in it but I think it looked great on her because she has a killer body. I do miss her long hair but the short cut does look great on her and I think it is a good change. The red lips was a good choice also.


You know my favorite part of award season is Fashion Police! Check out what the Fashion Police thought of last night’s dresses at 9 pm on E!


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