Is There Anything Emma Watson Can’t do?

Emma Watson recently tweeted, “Being an editor… Not totally easy, eh?” and tagged Wonderlandmag which is a British Fashion Magazine. This really intrigued me not only because of my love for Emma Watson but because she also has my dream job, editing a fashion magazine. From acting, to just finishing school at Brown University, this girl really does it all. She also posted a picture of her as an “Afro Prada Bruiser or Elf Alien Queen” and wants her fans to pick which picture should be on the cover. I personally love the Prada Bruiser one because her hair and makeup looks stunning.



Also, Wonderlandmag posted a picture last night of Emma Watson looking very excited with the caption saying, “It has gone to print!” This magazine will be available February 7th at all local news stands. I am so excited to see all of the hard work that has been put into this by this young star. It won’t be a surprise that she probably wrote about how excited she is about her new movie coming out soon called Noah, that reinvents the biblical story. I also am very anxious to see what cover they pick! If we haven’t said it already, Emma Watson is such a talented human being from acting to editing, she is a quite impressive woman.


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