What to Wear on a Snow Day

Wondering what to wear when there are 5-10 inches on the ground of snow? You really don’t want to go out at all, you’d much rather just lay in bed and watch movies all day but you must go out because life doesn’t stop just because their is snow falling.

First item you are going to want on a snow day is snow/rain boots. I don’t blame you if you don’t want to invest in a pair of snow boots, so rain boots will do just fine. Walking around campus, I see most people wearing their Hunter boots in an assortment of colors. These are a stylish shoe that will also be perfect walking in the slushy snow.



The next item is your hooded jacket, which should be waterproof. The best jacket would probably be a longer one just so it covers most of your outfit so it doesn’t get wet. You are definitely going to want to keep your hood up, so the snow does not ruin your hair! North Face makes the best down jacket but I bought a Michael Kors one this year that I posted about in December that I think looks and fits just as well, if not better.



Next, you are going to want a warm scarf. You probably have a million different kinds and colors but just make sure when it snows that you go for the warmest one instead of the most trendy one. I would go for a soft wool infinity one just because in my opinion those are the warmest.



Finally you are going to want a hat. This season there are so many different types of hats to choose from that you will have no trouble finding a hat that looks good on you. The beanie hat is probably the most popular, like the one in the image above, but there are also hats like the bomber hat, with the ear flaps to keep your ears warm and the cossack one with the faux fur. Have fun with it!



I hope this helps you pick out your outfits for the next few days since we are supposed to get a good amount of snow up here in the East Coast. Here are some other outfits to inspire your looks this week. Stay warm everyone:)

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