Today Kicks off the First Day of New York Fashion Week!

New York Fashion Week runs from Feb. 6 through Feb. 13, and the official central hub for NYFW is Lincoln Center, where some of the biggest names in fashion will show their Fall/Winter 2014 collections. I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite weeks of the year because you get to see a sneak peek of all the upcoming trends for the future seasons, Fall being my favorite. Being a college student, it is tough to stay connected with NYFW and also stay focused on homework. I mean come on, everyone would much rather watch live streaming videos of their favorite designers than do statistics. It is also hard to know what is going on during NYFW because it is so fast paced and there are SO many designers that it can get overwhelming. Here are a few tips to watching and enjoying NYFW.

Number One: will be your best friend for the next week. On this site, it gives you the schedule, photos, latest news, and you can even go to to catch live streaming videos of your favorite fashion shows. I have the live streaming open 24/7 in a new tab just so I can keep peeking while I do my schoolwork. I think the really cool thing about it  is that it live streams 24/7 so right now I am currently watching people take their seats, them getting the runway ready and a bunch of people rushing around before Creatures of the Wind fashion show begins. I think it shows that so much goes into a fashion show than just the clothes and the models.

Number Two: Look at the schedule of designers and pick out which ones you want to watch and write them down in an Excel or Notes spreadsheet. For example, I picked out about two- three to watch each day that don’t conflict with my schedule. Today my two are BCBG MAXAZRIA (my favorite) and Desigual. This is also a good time to check out designers that you have never heard of or know a little bit about but want to get more insight on what their designs are like. I have made a calendar in my notepad of all of the shows that I want to watch which is a long list but starred* the ones that are the most important because I have to be realistic and realize that I do have homework to do also.

Number Three: Follow Instagram and Twitter accounts that will give you up to date news about what is going on during each fashion show. This is perfect for when you aren’t able to watch a show, you can just keep updating your twitter feed which will have news and photos of the designers collection. Some good twitter accounts I recommend following are WhoWhatWear, Peoplesrev (Kelly Cutrone, love her), FashionWeekNYC (Duh!), and Anna Wintour. It is also good to follow bloggers because then you can see what other people think of your favorite designers who aren’t big names in the fashion industry and are more like us. Also, stay tuned in on E! for live reports from Guiliana Rancic or go to EOnline for live coverage of the shows. 

Number Four: Enjoy the shows! Watch the ones that you can, but don’t fret or change your schedule just because you might miss your favorite designers. You can always look at photos of their looks, hours later. Focus on the new designs and try to form opinions for yourself of what you think is going to be big this season or what you think is not going to sell. For my fashion class, we have to watch a few fashion shows and write about the different trends and silhouettes used which I am super excited to do.


Happy New York Fashion Week Everyone and have fun watching the shows! 


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