Who Inspires Your Style?

I was flipping through the latest People Style Watch magazine, when I came across a really great idea that I thought all women should do. First of all, many women have celebrity crushes on men and women; people they look up to, people they find attractive, people they would kill to even talk to. But does everyone have a style inspiration? A celebrity, model or even friend that you can look up to, that has the same body type as you to guide you on what to wear daily? I was thinking about this as I read the article and I could easily name all of my celebrity crushes who have great style but of course are styles I could never pull off because their body types are simply not like mine at all. I decided to think about it for a couple of days and find one celebrity that is petite and thin like I am and who has the same style as I do.

My style inspiration is Rachel Bilson. I have always been a fan of her style ever since her The OC days but she has really stepped up her game lately. I love reading her style advice in my Instyle magazines because it is so relatable. She is a perfect inspiration for me because she is 5 feet just like me and isn’t very curvy. It is great to have someone to look up to when it comes to fashion because you realize what would look good on your body type.

The great thing about finding someone that dresses like you and has the same body type is that you can get inspired by their outfits! For example, here are some outfits that Rachel Bilson has worn that I saved because they are outfits that I want to try for myself. rachel-bilson Rachel Bilson Shopping At Samy's Camera (NO UK) rachel bilson airport style21c3be1d971d239ba_RBilson73012.xxxlarge_1

So who will your style inspiration be?


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