Trend Report: New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

Now that New York Fashion Week has come to a close, what does everyone think? I was very impressed by some particular designers like BCBG, Oscar De La Renta, and Kate Spade to just name a few because I really liked their designs for Fall 2014. I found that some trends weren’t too different than past years, which was a little disappointing. Here are some of my favorite trends I spotted this past week:

Menswear inspired looks: I feel like lately, clothes have been very tight to the body so I was pleasantly surprised to see relaxed silhouettes.  Designers looked like they were focusing more on the item than the body which I enjoyed and I also really liked their layering techniques. Many of the designs were layered with trench coats, bomber jackets, scarves, and blouses which proved that the designers were trying to take away emphasis from body image and more focus on the clothing. 




Rebecca Minkoff- layered trench coat

Pastels: I was surprised to see many pastels for the fall because when I think of the Fall, I think more of dark and neutral colors. I think this could be a successful idea though if done properly. I think accessorizing with pastels when wearing neutral colors would be the best idea because it wouldn’t look too springy. I am excited to see this trend in September and see if it is a success or fail.



BCBG- accessorizes with pastel fur handwarmer

Lots of leather: I also saw a lot of leather on the runway which wasn’t at all a surprise to me but it did make me very happy. Leather is a timeless accessory, so the longer it is in, the better. What I found different though was that there wasn’t just many leather bomber jackets, but there was a good amount of leather tops and dresses and they weren’t just in black but in a variety of different colors. Now that interests me and I can’t wait to see if that sells. I would definitely buy maroon leather like this look.


Rebecca Minkoff- maroon leather front

Fur: There was LOTS of fur on the runway which concerns me because I’m not sure if it is real or not, which I hope to god that it is not! I have always been a fan of fur, faux fur of course, because I think it is a good statement piece to add to an outfit at times. Fur is a hard piece to rock though because it is easy to overdo, especially when wearing a fur coat. I like small fur accessories, like a scarf, maybe a cropped jacket  or ear muffs. 



Phillip Lim- Definitely overdid it with long colorful fur jacket 

Those were my favorite trends I spotted on the runway, how about you?!


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