Five Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

While reading many different fashion blogs, I found this great idea of posting things that currently make me happy. I thought this was a great idea because it is good way to start the week with a very positive attitude. 

Number 5: I had a great Valentines weekend with my girl friends; we started the night off by going out to dinner and then we went  to a party once we got back to campus. There’s nothing better than spending Valentine’s Day with great friends. Did I mention we ate a ton of chocolate too? 



Number Four: My parents are coming up for the day this Saturday and I am super excited to see them. I haven’t seen them in about a month and although it went by really fast, I do miss them a lot. I cannot wait to spend the day with them and go out to dinner off campus. 

Number Three: Today I got an email saying I had a package at the post office and on my walk there I kept wondering what it could be because I didn’t order anything recently. When they gave me the big, long box, I was even more confused because I had no idea what it could be. When I got back to my room, I was pleasantly surprised because when I opened it, it was the pair of Hunter Green Rain boots I wanted from my parents for Valentine’s Day! Now I actually do hope it snows tonight so I can wear them tomorrow.


Number Two: My least favorite class, History of New York is cancelled tomorrow so I will be done by 11 am. Not only am I happy because I really do not enjoy that class but because I plan on having a very productive day tomorrow. I plan to get ahead on some of my assignments that are due the following week since I am going to have a busy weekend. I also am interested in watching London Fashion Week tomorrow because I want to see how it differs from New York’s last week.

Number One: The main reason I am happy right now is because I just got into Sigma Sigma Sigma, a sorority on campus! This past week has been SO stressful because it was rush week, where you meet all the different sororities on campus and talk to a ton of girls in each one to see where you think you will fit best. Even though this week was full of late nights and panic attacks with my friends, it was so worth it because I got into my top choice! I am SO excited to pledge and I cannot wait for all of the activities and make so many new friends. This will definitely make my college experience so much better.



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