Upcoming Spring Trends

I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO sick of being cold and bundling up in scarves, coats and sweaters. I am beyond excited for the warmer weather and even more excited to buy new spring clothes. I have been online shopping, well just browsing, and just looking at the new arrivals and there are some new spring trends that I really can’t wait to try.

Crop Top Suits

I am not a huge fan of cropped tops because sometimes I do find them to be a little too revealing but this is one look I really want to try. This gives the cropped top a more classy look and makes it look more professional. Also, when wearing a cropped top make sure your pants are high waisted so you’re not revealing too much skin.


Topshop- 68 dollars


Lush (Nordstrom’s) 22 dollars each

Collared Sweater Dresses

Another look I can’t wait to try is wearing a collared shirt under a dress. I am surprised I have never seen this before because this is so simple and is always done with sweaters but I think it is a great idea to do with a dress. You definitely would need to try it with a flowy sweatshirt dress or it might look weird under a tight dress. This is going to be a look I am going to try right away.


Gap Dress- 50 dollars

Fluted Skirts

A final look I want to try is fluted skirts. I went to the mall with my mom last Saturday and when we walked into Banana Republic we wanted everything. (Definitely check them out) They had this really cool skirt that I’ve never seen before which made me very curious. When I got back to my room, I looked into this style and it is going to be very popular this season. This is on the top of my list and I am going to invest in a fluted skirt this season and I recommend everyone else does also!


Banana Republic- 90 dollars


J.Crew- 595 dollars (this one is my favorite but obviously out of my price range)

Hopefully its gets warmer out sometime soon because I cannot wait to try these looks this Spring. What are your favorite new trends?


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