My New Obsession: Tulip Bandaged Skirts

A couple of weeks ago I was in Francesca’s and I spotted these very interesting skirts that were a different type of material and I was fascinated by them. I immediately took a few patterns and went to the dressing room to try them on. Unfortunately, they looked horrible on me because I think they were a little too big but I did not give up on this style. I thought these were the cutest skirts ever and I was determined to find one that looked good on me. I eventually found one at Ooh La La! Boutique in West Hartford Center that I am totally in love with.


Ooh La La! 44 Dollars

These bandage skirts have been around for a while but they just recently came out with the bell style which I think is so cool and different. I am also very excited to wear it because I haven’t seen many people around campus wearing them so hopefully they will be on trend very soon. The issue I found with them was that if you do not get the right style for your body shape, It can be unflattering. They do poof out a bit so they can make your butt look a little large or not give you much shape. I usually go for tighter body con skirts so this is a change for me but I am excited to style this skirt with a cute top.

Here are a few bandaged tulip skirts I really like:


Daily Look – 44 dollars


Akira- 64 Dollars

I really like how this model has styled the skirt but if you want to go for a more simplistic look, I would just pair the skirt with a plain top and tuck it in. That way it puts the attention on the skirt. You could also wear it with a crop top and wear the skirt higher so it just shows a little line of skin.  



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