Anxiously Awaiting Florence, Italy

Hiiii Friends/Family/ Bloggers,

I am back to blogging! I wish studying abroad in a foreign country wasn’t my only motivation to get back into it but I’ve just had such a busy school year and summer that I didn’t have time to blog as much as I did before. As many of you know, I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy for my fall semester at Marist! I am feeling many emotions right now leading up to my flight on Sunday including nervousness, excitement, anxiousness and mostly stress because I am not nearly packed!

This is currently what our spare room looks like while I wait for my mom to help me condense for what the third time because I CAN ONLY BRING TWO SUITCASES! People who know me very well that are reading this now know how much of an attachment I have to all my clothes so this is going to be a very difficult experience for me. IMG_0624


This week has been full of running errands, facetiming with the girls to help each other pack, and saying my goodbyes but yesterday I was able to enjoy a nice beach day with my parents at Watch Hill. Without their love and support, I would never even dream about studying abroad in Florence so I have them to thank for the journey I am about to experience. We ended the perfect day with ice cream, of course! I can’t wait to be eating gelato with them when they visit me in November!



But besides the stress of packing I am super excited!! I am going with six of my friends from school and I am sharing an apartment with three of them, Allison (my roommate) and then Gab and Lauren are roommates. We are going to have a kitchen and a little common room. I’ve heard we are in a pretty good location in the city so I can’t wait to see it!

And unfortunately, there is studying while I am there as well so this is my schedule:

Monday– No Class (to recover from the fun filled weekends, duh)

Tuesday– Italian @ 9 am & Palaces of Florence @ 12

Wednesday– Food of Italy @ 12 & Italian Grand Tour @ 3

Thursday– Italian @ 9 & Global Business @ 12

Friday– No Class (LONG WEEKEND)

How I plan on making the most out of my study abroad experience: 

  1. No early classes so get up early & run everyday to explore the city
  2. Meet new people- the university I will be studying at will have students from all over the U.S.!
  3. When I have downtime instead of going on Facebook/insta, go for a walk or sit in a coffee shop
  4. Take time to adjust/be patient (my mom says I am not good at this) Italy is going to be a lot different than any of us are used to so it is important to be flexible
  5. Travel to other countries/places as much as possible!
  6. Step out of my comfort zone/BE SPONTANEOUS- try new foods, go to museums, do things I wouldn’t normally do
  7. Don’t get fat- you know I love my gelato but also don’t go too crazy counting calories because when else am I going to be able to eat this good again?!
  8. Learn the culture/ live like a local- take advantage of living in another country
  9. Don’t be afraid to not have a plan and go with the flow! (I’m a huge planner so this may be hard for me) don’t plan every weekend ahead of time and instead see where it takes you
  10. Continue to make Dean’s List
  11. Don’t shop too much- spend money on travel instead of clothes
  12. Embrace every moment- who knows the next time I will be able to go back!

Next time I write I will be in Florence so check back Monday night for my next blog post!! I plan to blog at least 2-3 times a week to keep you all updated on my journey… and so I don’t have to text my mother novels of what I’ve done each day 😉






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