Florence we have arrived!!

After a 7 hour flight, 3 hour layover and another 2 hour flight to florence we have finally made it!! I must say that the flight was the nicest experience I’ve ever had on a plane with unlimited movies, pillows and blankets and even dinner and breakfast! 

This was my “delicious” baked ziti on the plane…. Jk I only ate the bread!  But it was a really smooth flight and I didn’t have anxiety like I usually do.

So today we settled into our apartment which is in the perfect location in Italy (5 min walking distance from the Duomo and a TON of shops which is going to be super dangerous for me) and it’s also the cutest place ever! We are on the third floor so I almost died walking my two fifty pound luggage bags up six flights of stairs with a 25 pd backpack on my back but once we got to the top and unlocked the door we were all so happy with what we saw. 

Here’s a little tour of our apartment:

When you walk in there’s the kitchen to the left which is a little tiny but we won’t be cooking THAT much since our apartment is down a street with hundreds of Italian restaurants. 

Here’s my room… It’s a little messy but we have been busy unpacking all day and still have a lot of work to do. I can’t complain about the closet space though, def room for some shopping! And this is our view which is the most important part! 

We have the street view out of our room so we can watch everyone walk by and see all of the restaurants!

Then this our our common room:

 And here’s Lauren and Gabs room:

After we settled into the apartment we went for a walk to pick up some things we need for the apartment and then went to dinner at 9 (like the Italians do) and had my first glass of Italy wine and Pesto pasta which was amazing.

After a few pitchers of wine for the table my friends convinced me to go out because it’s the “first night in florence so we have to!” And we went to a really fun bar that was full of students studying abroad.  Gab and I didn’t stay too long Bc we were exhausted from the travel and it was a hike trying to find our apartment at midnight but all in all it was a great night. 

So I would say today was a successful and long first day and I am running on 2 hours of sleep but I was too excited to be tired at all. It still doesn’t feel real that when I wake up tomorrow I will be in Florence, Italy but we have another free day tomorrow which I’m hoping will be very productive! I’m planning to wake up early and run so I should probably go to bed considering it is 1 am here. 
Ciao for now,




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