Fell in love with Florence

This week has been packed with sightseeing, amazing food, meeting new people and of course lots of wine. I have adjusted really well to florence, no more jet-lag thank god, starting to understand the city and not get lost everywhere we go anymore and we love our new apartment. Here are some highlights from our first week:

The second night we were here we saw the Ponte Vecchio bridge, which is such a pretty view of the river and the buildings of Florence. We went around sunset so of course we got a few good insta pics. After that we stopped at Gusta Pizza which is where all my friends who studied abroad before said to go for the best Pizza of your life and they were not lying. It was so doughy and cheesy and amazing and it even was in a heart shaped so what could be better than that?? 

   My housemates Lauren, Gab, & Allison

The next day was even better because we went to Piazzale Michelangelo which is the entire view of Florence. After walking up 1,000 steps and gasping for air we got to the top and when I saw the view I got goosebumps. I think this is the moment it finally hit me that I was in Florence, Italy and how lucky I was. This was definitely our favorite spot so far so I know we will be back quite often. We topped the night off with Pino’s sandwiches which is supposively the best panini place in Italy and it did not disappoint. I had an amazing prosciutto mozzarella pesto peppers and tomato sandwich that was literally  to die for. 

Yesterday was another really busy day and it started off with joining a gym! With the amount of amazing but unhealthy food we are eating I need to keep my routine of working out every day or I am going to get fat. But if I go to the gym everyday and walk on average 27,000 steps (yes I a, not exaggerating) everyday and walk up the awful four flights of stairs to our apartment I think I’ll actually look good when I come back. The gym here is nothing like LA Fitness but it will do the job. After the gym and orientation, I had my first cappuccino! It was actually really good besides the aftermath of it because me and Lauren could not stop shaking from the amount of caffeine in it, it felt like we were drunk. So I probably won’t get one again because it didn’t wear off for a good 7 hours but it’s all In the experience, trying new things right?! Then we went to Sam Lorenzo market which is the nicest and biggest outdoor market in Florence (that I know of I could be wrong) but we loved it and it definitely could be dangerous living so close to it because of all the nice things. I’ll make another blog post this weekend of my purchases so stay tuned for that!!        Don’t worry mom I didn’t go too crazy. 

 After that there was a dinner with the school we will be attending, Lorenzo De Medici and it was really nice. The food was okay and you got to see a lot of new faces. It’s actually funny that when we went to the bar that night so many people are so friendly and freak out when you say you are attending the same school as them and will talk to you for hours but at the dinner nobody mingled and only stayed with the people they were comfortable with. It’s crazy how drinking is the only way sometimes people can step out of their comfort zones. 

But going out is really fun here!! They don’t go out until really late like midnight which is later than the time I went to bed this summer so I’ve been exhausted this week from our nights out but they’ve been so worth it. The bars here are great because there’s no cover charge so you can walk in and out of bars whenever you want so we probably went to three last night. My favorite so far was Red Garner because they have karaoke so of course we had to sing Taylor Swift. There’s also a bar called Lion which has every college t-shirt that has studied abroad hanging from the walls and ceiling and you have to sign it so I thought that was really cool. Another thing about going out late is that you get home really late so we didn’t go to bed until 5 am the past two nights and waking up for orientation at 9 is not fun. Last night we also found the secret bakery!! This is a bakery that stays up really late to prepare their breakfast pastries for the next morning. They are hidden on random streets but we met this group of boys who found it the night before so they took us there and it was the best drunk food I’ve ever eaten in my life. I had a warm chocolate croissant. 

I can’t forget about the gelato I had this week too!! If anyone knows me they will be shocked that I only had gelato once this week. But it was the best gelato I’ve ever eaten so I plan to go back again as soon as possible. I got chocolate vanilla cookie it was called with Oreo pieces in it, what could be better than that?! Nothing besides eating with the prettiest view of Florence which of course we did. And of course we had to take a picture of it. 

Coming up this weekend my friends and I are doing a Tuscany wine and bike tour which I’m really excited to do! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so please cross your fingers that it doesn’t or I’ll be upset! Stay tuned for a post at the end of the weekend to hear all about it. But I think I fell in love with Florence and I am so excited to live in this beautiful city for four months. I miss everyone at home though!! 




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