First week of classes: ✅

our first week of classes is officially over and I’m getting ready to leave for my first weekend trip to Almafli Coast which I’m super excited about!! We are leaving tomorrow night at 7:30pm and then will have Friday Saturday and Sunday to explore the coast of Italy! Just when my tan is starting to fade I’ll be able to sun it for a solid 3 days 😃

As for my classes they were all really good. My Italian class is my only early class (9 am) which isn’t bad because when I don’t have an early class I wake up at 7:30 anyway to hit the gym. My teacher is so nice and there’s only 9 people in class so it’s great because it allows her to get to know us but the only downside is that the whole class is in Italian… Yes she does not speak any English during the 1.25 hour class so it is a struggle let me tell ya. But I’m looking at it positively and it will honestly be the best way to learn the language… Even if I need to get a tutor.

My next class which is Palaces of Florence is pretty good, my teacher is really nice and down to earth but it seems a little dry. The cool thing about the class is half the class we go explore a palace in Florence then we go back to the classroom for a discussion about it. I think this will really help break up the 2.5 hour classes…yes did I forget to mention that all our classes besides Italian meet for 2.5 hours once a week. It feels like sooo long and the rooms are pretty hot so it is honestly impossible not to fall asleep. The other downside is that there is literally only 2 boys in basically all of my classes which is very unfortunate because at Marist it is usually the same way. There are also a majority of Marist students in my class because 100 kids from my school came abroad so I’m not meeting that many new people. But I always try to sit next to a new face so I can make different friends. 

My favorite class is my cooking class! It’s only been the first day and I’ve learned so much about food and the Italian culture so I’m really excited for this semester. My teacher is the sweetest and she said we are going to make a new recipe everyday and then only have a 20 minute lecture so it sounds like it will go by pretty fast and will be very interactive. I haven’t had my international business class yet so hopefully they’ll be more boys in that one. 😁

Overall, all my teachers seem really great and my classes seem worthwhile. The only downside is looking at my sylabus for each class I can tell you right now I didn’t pick “joke” classes. I have 3 10 page papers to do, multiple tests and a midterm and final in every class that are worth a big percentage of my grade. This means I’ll have to work hard during the week (not go out as much anymore) and get my homework done before weekend trips. But don’t worry I’m still just as determined to make deans list like every other semester.

Of course we had to take a first day of school pic

Ciao and check back next week to hear about Almalfi Coast!



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