Just call me Chef Wojtowicz

Today was my first cooking class and it was SO much fun. Basically every class we learn a new Italian recipe, cook it and then we get to eat it; what could be better than that?  I’ve already learned so much about the Italian culture and cuisine by our first reading assignment we had for homework and I’m surprisingly excited to read the rest of the book. 

My first class we learned how to make pesto sauce with linguine pasta. This recipe comes from the northern part of italy in a city called Lugaria that is known for their olive oil, which is why their pesto comes out so good! One thing we learned about the Italian cuisine is that they specialize in simplicity. Unlike us who wants to use a ton of ingredients and spices thinking that it will taste better, Italians use only 3-5 ingredients for most of their recipes. 

For the pesto we cut leaves of basil, mixed it with olive oil, and pine nuts and then blended it all with a hand mixer. I was shocked that pesto sauce only used just a few ingredients because of how strong the flavor is! After we blended until it was saucey we added Parmesan cheese and garlic which made the sauce thicker. We then boiled the fresh pasta which takes much less time to cook than box pasta our teacher informed us. After the pasta was cooked our teacher showed us how to properly place the pasta in our bowls to make it presentable like in a restaurant. The last fifteen minutes of class are used to clean and eat our dish, which came out very yummy!

I can’t wait to come home and cook for my family and teach my mom all the things I learn this class. The first part of class our teacher showed us to properly cut veggies and meat with a knife. This was actually very helpful because I guess I’ve been doing it wrong all my life. Can’t wait for the next family party so I can help my grandma cut all the cheese and meats for our appetizers! (Appertivo is how you say first dish in italian)

This class is also perfect because my housemates and I are starting to realize we can’t live on pasta and pizza everyday so we’ve been cooking a lot. We actually made chicken, veggie stir fry and backed potatoes for dinner tonight! Since we are all taking a cooking class it’ll be good to bring new ideas to cook for dinner each night which will help us save money and get some protein in instead of the usual carbs. 

Next week we are making some chocolate dessert which I’m obviously so excited about because I’m obsessed with chocolate. I’ll deff post the recipe after we make it!




One thought on “Just call me Chef Wojtowicz

  1. The pesto looks good, but I cant eat pesto or pine nuts….I get sick, so when you learn a good pasta sauce I want the recipe. Wish I could take one of those classes. Enjoy! BON APPETIT!

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