Wild Weekend at Oktoberfest

On the 8 hour bus ride home I couldn’t wait to blog about this weekend because of how fun/crazy/awful/ratchet it was. This weekend was definitely one to remember and one that I am so glad that I did but also that I would never want to experience ever again. When we booked this trip we had the option of staying in a hostel or camping and for some reason I have no idea why my friends and I chose camping. If you know any of us, you can already know the majority of us are not cut out for camping and you can probably imagine how much complaining went on. In our defense, the weather did drop to 30 degrees at night and even the three layers of long sleeves, leggings and sweatpants and 2 blankets did not suffice. Not only was the weather freezing but the campsite was the most insane place I’ve ever been to in my life. When we first got off the bus, they handed us a beer, which was at 9 am Friday morning. Most people started drinking then and did not stop until the 3pm bus ride home on Sunday. I am not exaggerating because it was 20 euro for unlimited beer/wine all weekend, which to most people there was a dream come true. There was a DJ who blasted music throughout the whole campsite until midnight and started at 7 am every morning. The people there were also crazy running around naked, throwing up wherever and hooking up in all the tents. This probably sounds like the best weekend for a college student but it was a little too much for me to handle but we embraced it!

Friday we went on a bike tour of Munich and I must say I love Germany!! The town of Munich was so cool and reminded me a lot of of America with a lot of similar stores and restaurants. The food in Germany is also amazing and has been my favorite food I’ve eaten since abroad. We went to lunch at a beer garden and of course I had to get pork roast since it is famous here and I tried a potato dumpling. I did a lot of experimenting with food this weekend, which is probably surprising for my mom to read since she knows me as a picky eater but I’ve been very spontaneous with my food selection abroad. At the festival, I got a sausage, which was sooo good. I definitely got my protein fix in Munich as opposed to the endless carbs in Italy.

What you’ve all been waiting to hear about; the actual Oktoberfest festival!! Since it was the first weekend of the festival,  the mayor of Munich taps the keg in all the beer tents at noon so it technically doesn’t start until noon but if you want to get a seat in one of the tents you have to wake up at the crack of dawn. My friends and I set our alarms for 5:45 so we can put our dirndls on and get ready. We arrived at the festival around 7:30 and the lines were insane. We waited in the line for the biggest tent at Oktoberfest which can hold 7 to 10,000 people! At around 10, so we waited in line for about 2.5 hours they let us in and it was a mob scene to find a table. Luckily my friends and I got one of the last ones which is where we waited until noon to receive a beer and for the festival to start. When the mayor tapped the keg, the whole tent went crazy, it was actually a really cool experience to see. We got our beer around 12:30 and by 1 pm the whole place was wild. It seemed like everyone drank their first beer as quick as possible and they were smashed within minutes because people were crazy. It was actually really cool to see how festive people in Germany get over this weekend. I am not much of a beer drinker but the beer was actually really light and good but also really strong. My friends and I had 1 to 2 beers and definitely felt it because 1 was equivalent to about 4 American beers. We stayed in the tent until 3 pm and walked around the festival, which was full of rides, food and games. It reminded me of the Big E times about 10. My friends convinced me to go on the Ferris Wheel and it was the biggest Ferris Wheel I’ve ever seen so I freaked out a little but it was the prettiest and coolest view of the whole festival.To give you an estimate of how many people were there, our tour guide told us that there are 13 tents at Oktoberfest and each tent fits 7,000 to 10,000 people in them. I’ve never seen so many drunk people in my life.

 After the festival we got dinner and went to bed early by snuggling three of us in one tent for body warmth and woke up early because we went to Dachau concentration camp in the morning. It was an amazing experience and I was so glad we went because I didn’t want this weekend to just be about drinking. I was stunned at how big the camp was and all of the facts that I read on the walls and in the site. We learn about the holocaust all throughout middle and high school but it never really hit me until I saw this because it made it so real. We only had less than 2 hours there before we had to catch our bus but I wish we had more time because you could easily spend a day there.

 Jewish memorial
Overall, my weekend was one for the books. The bike tour and concentration camp were both amazing experiences and I learned so much about the city throughout both of these tours. I also am so glad I went because I never really thought I wanted see Germany throughout my time abroad but it was actually one of my favorite cities. Oktoberfest was a blast and now that I am home in my bed I can say that camping was worth it. Camping builds character right? Thats what we kept saying throughout the weekend for a little positive reinforcement. Well its back to reality now that I am home and need to use this day to study and hit the gym!




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