Barcelona Weekend!

I am currently running on probably 8 hours of sleep in the past three days because of how crazy my weekend in Barcelona was. I’ve heard rumors that they stay out til the sun rises but I never actually believed it or at least thought it would happen when I was there because sleep is very important to me but I was totally wrong. We stayed out til 5 and woke up at 8 am everyday so words cant explain how exhausted I am… but no complaining here because it was soo worth it because I had one of the best weekends of my life.

   We took a plane Thursday evening (while we know people who took a 16 hour bus ride here!!!) that was an hour and a half and arrived at our hostel around midnight. When we got there the whole hostel was a party, 2 for 1 sangrias and a bus to the club so the thought of going out definitley crossed our minds but we decided against it because we wanted to be well rested to explore the next day. This was a wise decision on our part because we started the day at 8 am by getting Dunkin and Starbucks of course, yes we went to both, since there are none in Florence and then went to the market. The market was the coolest one I’ve ever seen because it had so many different things from fruit juices to empanadas (my new favorite food) to chocolate everywhere. I could’ve easily eaten every meal there. We decided to be complete tourists the rest of the day by paying for a hop on hop off bus that took you everywhere around the city. We weren’t planning on doing this but we didn’t really know where to go by foot so this was a great plan. We took it to the Sagrada Familia where we were disappointed to find out it was sold out for the day so we couldn’t go inside but it was just as beautiful from the outside. We then get back on went to Park Guell where they have the mosaic benches which was stunning. We spent a lot of time there because there were a lot of cute vendors on the street where I made quite a few purchases. We also got a great tapas lunch by there where we all got different things and shared them. My favorite were the chicken croquettes and meatballs. I loved the food in Barcelona because it was all meats and fried food… what’s better than that?! After energizing ourselves with lunch we went to the Barcelona futbol stadium which is the biggest stadium in Europe. We then made a few more stops on the bus before going back to our hostel to get ready for dinner and go out.


 Before dinner my friends and I were starving so we went to the market to just get a little snack which turned into two meat empanadas and churros dipped in chocolate so I was stuffed when we got to dinner. This wasn’t a bad thing though because we all got a liter of Sangria, which was the best sangria I’ve ever had. We sat outside because the weather was perfect (all weekend) and we thought it was a great idea until a homeless man took Allisons stein off the table to drink it!! Allison grabbed it before he put it to his mouth and me and her were screaming at the guy to get away. We get very defensive when it comes to alcoholic beverages. After it happened we were both just in shock and couldn’t believe how weird of a situation it was. After dinner around 10:30 which is the time we would usually get ready to go out we were all a little confused what to do since in Barcelona they don’t go out until 2 am… Yes 2 am… that is usually the time I am in bed from going out. I must say it was very different going to the clubs here than Florence because there was a very hefty cover charge to get into the bars or you would need to know the name of a promoter to even step foot in. Luckily we had friends who had connections so we were set and got into the coolest clubs. I would say it was a good time because we didn’t get home until 5 am! The clubs were right on the beach so at 2:30 they open the club doors and you can hang out right on the beach.

  The next day was Janine’s birthday so we had a great day shopping ( I bought a really cute winter jacket) and went to the MNAC museum and the Olympic Stadium which was SO COOL. We had a really nice dinner, I had steak!!! on a rooftop where we saw the magic fountain show, which is this huge fountain in Montjuiic and the fountain lights up all different colors (if you’re going to Barcelona you should do this so cool!) We got ready to go out after and went to this Shots Bar called Espit Chupitos (YOU ALSO HAVE TO GO HERE IF YOURE GOING AND ORDER THE BOY SCOUT SHOT). They have 300 different flavors of shots that are only 2,50 euro! My personal favorite was the Willy Wonka that was basically chocolate with whipped cream and m&m’s but the Boy Scout was where they lit your shot on fire and you roasted a marshmallow over it and then dipped it in the shot and ate it. They were all so good and def a good pregame spot. After we went to a bar called Shoko where we stayed out really late celebrating Janine’s 21st.

Our flight wasn’t until 8 pm on Sunday, which gave us the whole day to explore. We hit all the places we didn’t have a chance to the first two days and I can honestly say there is not one thing that I wish we did that we didn’t get to. Besides the ferris wheel that our cab driver told us it was open 24/7 so we walked there at 4:30 am to see the sunrise and it was closed… But it was deff a weekend to remember and so much fun. I’m really excited that I am staying in Florence this weekend because I haven’t had a full weekend here since the first weekend so it’ll be nice to relax and I’m going to need it because I have tests all week!




 Coming up…

Sunday: Cinque Terre Day Trip

This Weekend: My Aunt Rose & cousin Katie are coming for the week, which I’m really excited about! It’ll be nice to spend time with family from home.




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