My Week Exploring Florence

This week was all about Florence. Yes, I’ve been here for over a month but I feel like I haven’t crossed off anything from my list of things I want to do here. It’s so hard just because we travel on the weekends and then during the week we have the same routine of classes, and homework and by the time you get out of class you are literally exhausted because they are so long.

Because my courseload wasn’t too crazy this week I signed up for a lot of the activities provided by the school this week. I went to the Gucci Museum with the school which gave us a free tour and it was so cool; definitely one of my favorite museums. The highlight was the gowns by Gucci that celebrities have worn to award shows and let me tell ya watching the red carpet on TV does not do the gowns justice at all. I actually live right next to the Gucci Museum and pass it everyday so it was cool to finally see what was inside.

That night my friends and I also signed up for a Slow Drink provided by the school, where they let us try two different kinds of wind and provide dinner. There’s this famous sandwich here called the Lampredotto sandwich which is basically cow stomach which sounds very disgusting but it is supposed to be amazing. Everyone says you have to try it when you’re in Florence and we hadn’t gotten a chance yet. But after they served us spaghetti they came out with this sandwich and I was very hesitant to try it. If you asked me two years ago I would’ve smelled it and instantly said no but I figured I’m in Florence I need to try it so I did and it wasn’t half bad. I mean I wouldn’t order it again but it was definitely better than I expected. My parents would be very impressed with all the different foods I’ve tried since I’ve been here!

  This week we went to Osteria Santo Spirito and my friends who have studied abroad in Florence before said it was their favorite restaurant in Florence and I think they were right. The food was AMAZING. And the best part was that if there were two dishes you wanted to try you could get half of each! It was also very reasonably priced so if you’re studying abroad here now or want to take your parents somewhere when they visit I highly recommend it!!

  Since we don’t have class on Fridays and we didn’t travel this weekend I had a completely free day and I was SO excited to spend the day exploring Florence. I got a little later start than I wanted because we went out last night to a club called Full Up that was SO fun and probably the best club that we’ve been to here. Lauren and I went to the Galileo museum after we tried to get a simple pedicure but apparently you need an appointment or you can’t get one so we decided against it (also really expensive) and went to the museum instead. I’m usually not a museum person but I’ve gone to a bunch recently and have really appreciated what I’ve been seeing and really taking it all in. This one was so cool because it showed the first clocks, telescopes and sun dials and its just crazy how we think time is just a simple concept but it took scientists decades to figure out how it all works.

  After the Galileo museum I went to a tour of the Leather School which was also run by the university. They showed us how they make the different leather bags individually, how they customize them, and how they embroider them. It was really cool to see the process and how much time goes into everything. It was tempting to buy a bag there but they were also triple the price of the ones in the market so I decided against it.

  One thing I’ve wanted to do since I’ve been here was go down by the river where theres this little beach with a bottle of wine and watch the sunset and we finally did it tonight. I was a little disappointed because it was cloudy all day so I didn’t think we would be able to see the sunset but I was soo wrong. The sunset was honestly the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen and we couldn’t have gotten a better night. This picture doesn’t even really do it justice.


 Also, there this thing called Appertivo here in Florence that many people have probably heard of but if you haven’t it is when you go to a restaurant between 7-9 and when you buy a drink that usually costs from 7 to 10 euro you get an unlimited buffet of appetizers that you can easily use as a dinner. Sounds like the best thing ever right? I can’t believe it took us a month to actually finally do it but Lauren and I went tonight and got the best Sex on the Beach we’ve ever had along with unlimited appetizers. We had pasta, rice, salad, bread that it was enough to easily be a full meal. We of course topped it off with our favorite gelato. We decided we are going to try appertivo at least once a week because you can’t beat the price or the food. 

 I’d like to think I had a very productive day and it is only Friday and I have another free day tomorrow. I plan to hit the gym in the a.m. and then go to Le Vespe Cafe because we stopped there today but it was too busy but their french toast is supposed to be to die for. I’ve been trying to eat healthy but it is just impossible when there’s all this amazing food so I told myself I will eat whatever I want here as long as I go to the gym then get back to eating very healthy winter break because I cannot NOT eat this amazing food. Our friends from London are coming tomorrow so we will show them around and do a nice dinner probably. Then Sunday we go to Cinque Terre which is supposed to be beautiful so I’m looking forward to that!

Hugs and kisses to the fam back at home, miss you all!!!




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