Cinque Terre Day Trip

What a fun and relaxing weekend spending half of it in Florence and the other half doing a day trip in Italy! This weekend was much needed to catch up on homework and also two of my friends from London came to visit so it was great timing that we were here to catch up with them! Saturday my friends and I had a delicious breakfast at Le Vespe Cafe where they make homemade french toast that was literally to die for. It made me feel a little at home to get an American breakfast even though I think they made it better than if I had it in America! After breakfast my friends and I spent a few hours at a cafe doing homework. This was the first time I actually did homework outside of my apartment and it made doing homework a little more enjoyable so I think I’m going to do that more often. We picked up Mel and Heather from the train station and it was so nice to see them since I haven’t seen them since summer. Unfortunately it was raining ALL day so we couldn’t show them as much as we liked but we knew we could satisfy Mel with a cappuccino with a design on it. After spending half the day with them showing them around and catching up, I then met my Aunt Rose and cousin Katie who just arrived in Florence! We walked around for a while and then did appertivo and had a nice bottle of wine. It was an early night because they were exhausted from their flight which I don’t blame them so I am excited to see them the next few days before they leave for the Amalfi Coast.

That night of course we had to take Mel and Heather out even though my friends and I had to wake up at 5:30 am for a day trip to Cinque Terre but it was worth it. We took them to our favorite bar Red Garter and of course ended the night with Secret Bakery. It was a struggle to wake up in the morning since we didn’t go to bed til 3:15 but we were able to sleep on the 2 hour bus ride. 

 If you’ve never heard of Cinque Terre, it is an area in Italy that means 5 Towns.  We were able to explore three of them on our day trip and we found that they all looked very similar so we didn’t think we were missing too much if we didn’t make it to the other two. This day trip was so fun because there was only about 40 people on it as opposed to 150-200 who go on the weekend trips. They also gave us a lot of free time to explore on our own or we could follow the tour if we wanted. They also gave us the option to relax on the beach or do an intense two hour hike. What do you think I chose? While all of my friends chose the beach, Nikki and I decided to do the hike and let me tell ya they were not joking when they said it was intense. It contained many many flights of very steep stairs, straight up hills and then windy narrow trails that went to the top of a mountain. It was by far the coolest and toughest hike I’ve ever done but I felt so accomplished when we finished. We of course had to reward ourselves with the “Drunk Ass Bucket” which was a bucket full of alcohol. I got a Miami Vice which was sooo good and we then joined our friends on the beach. We still had two hours on the beach after the hike so it was a good decision.



Cinque Terre is known for the seafood and pesto so for lunch we had calamari in a cone and pesto focaccia which were equally delicious. If you go to Cinque you have to try these two foods!! Cinque Terre was such a fun and easy day trip and I recommended it to my parents when they come and visit.

  This week is the week before Mid-terms so I guess I should start studying for them this week. I’m a little nervous for them but my tests so far haven’t been too bad (I’ve gotten an A on all of them so far, knock on wood) so hopefully as long as I study I’ll do well on them.




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