Week 7 in Florence

This week was one of the highlights of my trip so far because my cousin Katie and Aunt Rose visited! My cousin Katie studied abroad in Florence four years ago so it was great that she came while I’m studying abroad. This week was so much fun because it was full of laughs, selfies, wine, food and catching up! It’s crazy how we’ve been talking about this week for so long and then it came and went so fast but we had a great time.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the greatest but we embraced it. When it stopped raining I brought them to my favorite restaurant on the river Signorvino, where we all got really good pasta dishes and chatted since I haven’t seen them since early summer. After dinner they offered up their hotel pull out couch which I couldn’t pass up and it was so comfortable that I slept in their room all week. It was hard to have class while they were here on vacation and I was really tempted to skip a class or two but decided against it.

  One of my other favorite nights with them was when we went up to the Piazza Michelangelo with a bottle of wine of course and attempted to watch the sunset even though it was a little cloudy. That’s all of our favorite spot in Florence so it was nice to see it with them. After we sat on the steps for a while we went to one of the best steak restaurants in Florence called Acqua Al Due. I’ve heard so much about it from my friends who went abroad before me and then my friends who have gone with their parents here and I had yet to go so I was super excited to try it. They have these two famous steaks; the balsamic vinegar steak and blueberry steak which I’m still trying to figure out which one I liked better! We got the steak and pasta sampler where they brought out all the special pastas of the day for a little sampling and the same with the steaks. That was a great meal and deff plan on taking my parents when they come. Of course the night ended with gelato.


 Their final day here I had class until 6 so I was only able to spend the evening with them. I wasn’t planning on sleeping over because I wanted to give them at least one night alone but I didn’t want to say goodbye just yet so I stayed the night and we said our goodbyes in the morning before my class. We just had so much fun this week and I can’t wait for many more fun times when I come home. It was great to have some familiar faces here in Florence and it was a nice change of routine.

Now that they are gone it is studying time. Mid terms start next week so I plan on studying all weekend besides Saturday because I am going to a chocolate festival in Perugia!! My grades are probably the best they’ve ever been in college (knock on wood) so I really need to do well on my exams to maintain straight A’s. But once Mid-terms are over it’s Fall Break for us which is a 10 day trip to Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague,  Berlin, & Paris!!




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