Great week with my parents!

I feel like I was waiting for this week to come for so long and then it came and went so fast but we had a blast! My parents flew into Venice and I met them by taking the train from Florence. It is an understatement when I say that we loved Venice! It was such a cool and different city and there is nothing like it. It was like a maze and we got lost multiple times but that was why it was so fun. We did a Gondola ride of course, went to the islands Murano & Burano which were beautiful, saw a glass making demonstration and ate lots of pasta! We left on Sunday to bring them to my temporary home of Florence.


When we reached Florence I could tell my parents were shocked. It was a Sunday night so I think they were thinking it was going to be quiet since Venice was dead by 9 pm but when we got off the train and into the city there were people everywhere, all the shops were open and it was definitely a lively night. We were surprised at the hotel with a bottle of champagne, which we opened right away and then I gave them a quick tour of Florence before we ate dinner at one of my favorite places right on the river, Signorvino. After dinner I could tell my dad was itching to know who won the Sunday football games so him and I went to my favorite sports bar for a beer and watched the games.


We took endless selfies this week… not my choice

Monday we did a tour of San Gimignano, Siena, and ended with a castle tour which was a very long day but still fun. Wasn’t the highlight of the trip but we had a fun lunch wine tasting and my mom got an early birthday present of a leather jacket there! We were exhausted after this long trip and were all pasta’d out since we’ve had it for dinner and lunch everyday so we went to my favorite steak place Acqua Al Due. We of course got the pasta and steak sampler which is a must and it was very yummy. I definitely blew my parents away by the amazing restaurants I brought them. We ate so much gelato, finished a bottle of Chianti wine every night, discovered the best cocktail with my mom, and ate pounds of spaghetti but I have no regrets.


The highlight of my trip was the Tuscany Bike tour we did where we had a tour guide take just the three of us to the Chianti region where we saw how olive oil and wine was made. It was so cool to see and the bike ride was beautiful. If anyone is going to Italy I highly recommend doing the IBikeItaly tour of Tuscany because we all loved it.


On my moms birthday I took her to the best restaurant in Florence my opinion called La Giostra. They gave us complimentary Prosecco, and an appetizer because it was her birthday and a huge cake for dessert. I had an amazing rib eye steak and my mom’s sea bass was so good. After 3 bottles of wine later my parents were very intoxicated and I felt like the parent because all they wanted to do was take selfies by the duomo. My parents were hiking Cinque Terre the next morning and I bet them that neither of them would wake up at 6 am to go especially my mom but I was surprised when I heard them get up to their alarm the next day. I had class so I unfortunately couldn’t go but they loved it.

Friday was our “Florence Day” where we did all touristy things like climb the Duomo, tour the baptistry, go to the Accademia where the David is and then end with the Piazza Michelangelo at sunset. That was one of my favorite days because I was able to share my favorite places with them. My mom was also obsessed with the San Lorenzo market which we couldn’t stay away from. This was definitely one of my favorite weeks while I was here and I was so happy that they were able to visit. They came at the perfect time because now I only have roughly a month left, which will fly by.


Unfortunately my trip to the French Rivera was cancelled this weekend because of the terrible tragedy in Paris but it was a good thing that we didn’t go. Prayers go out to all the families who lost someone in this attack. This is so upsetting because Paris was the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe this horrible tragedy would happen there.



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