Back at it.

Hey guys!!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past three months, I’ll admit I got extremely lazy and busy and took a break from blogging but I am back!! I am so excited to get back into it because there is so much that I want to start writing about from new upcoming trends that I’ve been seeing, what is new and exciting in my life, and what is going on in the world like the election. First here is a little update on my life:

After getting over the post-depression I felt the first month of being home from Italy, I moved back to Marist and was so excited to be reunited with the friends I haven’t seen in 6 months. I am living in a town house with 8 great girls and I HAVE MY OWN ROOM! We are in prime location so I really got lucky with housing coming back from abroad since it’s very competitive to get a good spot. This semester I am taking alll business classes since I took all of my electives in Italy so it is definitely going to be a challenging semester but I am super motivated to do well.

Since I’ve been back at Marist, it is has been such a busy semester so far. We just finished recruitment for my sorority and we took 26 amazing girls that I am so excited to get to know better. Recruitment is always an exhausting week staying up til 3 am but now that it’s over and I caught up on my sleep it was totally worth it.


I still work at Marist Poll this semester and have been picking up lots of extra hours to save up for Spring break but also because I have been finding it so interesting because the surveys have to do with the election. I have been following the election very closely because this is the first time that I am able to vote in a presidential election. I find it crazy how so many college kids have no idea what is going on in politics or will say they like/hate a candidate and have no valid evidence to back it up. I am not going to blog about my political views but lets just say I am not “feeling the bern”. If anyone knows me usually my phone is blowing up with the latest sales at my favorite stores but now I get news alerts straight to my phone regarding the election to keep me informed!

I’m going to start trying to blog daily so check back in tomorrow 🙂


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