9 Ways to Lose that Abroad Weight

No matter how many times I told myself that I wasn’t going to let myself get fat while I was in Italy, it happened. Even though I still went to the gym 3-4 times a week and walked double the amount I walk here I still ate endless amounts of pasta and gelato that no matter how much I exercised it didn’t help. Right now I do not regret a single thing I ate because it was the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life and I still dream about the spicy spaghetti at Yellow Bar or the cookies gelato from La Carraira but when I first got home I was so depressed because I was no longer eating amazing food and I did not like the way I looked. Luckily I lost all the weight I gained the first month I was home but if you are still working on it here are some tips:

  1. Work towards something. Give yourself an incentive to go to the gym or to not eat those oreos at 10 pm. I told myself that if I didn’t eat unhealthy snacks after dinner or if I lost three pounds that week I could buy myself that top on sale from Lululemon I had my eye on. This worked for me because I am a shopaholic but you can come up with a simpler incentive like you can have your favorite dessert after dinner on Friday if you eat healthy the rest of the week.
  2. Don’t completely eliminate carbs. This is the worse way to lose weight because if you stop eating breads and grains temporarily once you start eating it again you’ll just put the weight back on. Eliminating carbs is also super hard to do and it is hard to stay full if you are not eating any carbs. You have to remember that there are healthy carbs as well. For example, if you are going to have a sandwich buy whole wheat bread because that is healthy. Another healthy carb that will keep you full for a while is oatmeal. Oatmeal sounds boring but I love it because you can add fruits and even peanut butter.
  3. Get into a routine. I find whenever I go to the gym consecutively and it becomes a routine I get more excited to go. I like to go in the morning so when I wake up I wake up in the mindset that I will have a granola bar then go to the gym. It is said that if you do something 21 days in a row it becomes a routine. Also if you go to a gym that has classes, do them!! They are usually an hour of cardio or strength training and it goes by much faster than if you were working out by yourself for an hour and you burn a lot of calories!! I do a strength training class every Monday and Thursday and a spin class Sunday and Wednesday and it is in my schedule as if it were one of my academic classes because I would never skip a class at school so I shouldn’t skip a workout class. Also I know a lot of girls doing the BBG (Bikini Body Guide workout) by Kayla Istines and it has great reviews so you can download the free e-book and do that and it gives you a workout to do each day to keep you on track. eec80db54ffa8682cafe0a3c5ad62549
  4. Find a gym buddy! Having someone workout with you or diet with you is so much easier because you motivate and push eachother. It is important to find someone similar to you and your strengths or the person will only bring you down. bd4e6a743aeb93e9e09220cf56b83739
  5. Motivate yourself. You can do this by thinking ahead of what is coming up and making sure you look good and confident at that event. For example, I am going on spring break in a month and if I don’t feel skinny I’ll be pissed! Or my formal is on April 2nd and I want to have skinny arms by then. If you push yourself towards a date you’ll be more likely to workout.
  6. Train for something. Cardio is one of the best ways to lose weight so while you are working out why not train for a 5k? I can bet you are able to run for 35 minutes if you put your mind to it and train which is about the average time it takes a female to run a 5k and you will feel so good once the race is over knowing you accomplished something you never even thought about doing. Theres a half marathon at the end of April that I want to do so it is making me get back in shape and run everyday so when I start training at the end of March it won’t be too difficult. badworkout
  7. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. I know a lot of girls that want to lose weight so they’ll eat barely anything all day thinking this is the quickest way to lose it. This is completely false and I will never understand considering I am hungry every two hours. Make sure you are eating a substantial breakfast to keep you full until lunch then have a snack between lunch and dinner then eat dinner. If you are not eating every 3-4 hours you will feel sick and your stomach will start eating itself which doesn’t help you lose weight.
  8. Brush your teeth after dinner. If you want to avoid eating snacks after dinner brush your teeth that way you won’t be tempted to eat those oreo’s or dorito’s late night. This is what I’ve been doing and it might sound silly but it totally works!!
  9. Drink lots of water!!! Water not only keeps you hydrated but it keeps you full longer. When you still feel hungry after a meal drink a glass of water and this will most likely fill you up and prevent you from overeating. Also a lot of the times when you think you’re hungry you are really just dehydrated and need water so this will stop snacking!

Suck-It-Up-Inspire-My-Workout-2554You’re probably thinking why listen to me or how do I know this but I read every health magazine there is and do a lot of research so if you follow this I am sure you will lose those extra pounds. And no matter how much overweight you think you are make sure you love yourself and your body or nobody else will. Be confident in who you are and push yourself and remember results never come right away so never give up!


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