Olivia Palermo’s Collection is Straight Fire

Is Olivia Palermo anyone else’s style icon?! I always saw her in my fashion magazines since I was younger and never knew who she was but I was OBSESSED with her! She is not only gorgeous but everything looks so good on her and hands down has the best wardrobe. When I heard she was starting collection sold at Nordstrom I was so excited to check it out but deep down knew odds are I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the prices and noticed that it isn’t priced much higher than Topshop or Free People at Nordstrom.

chelsea28_headerHere are my fav’s:

(Put your mouse over the product to see the price)





She doesn’t have a huge collection on there and everything is not available to buy yet so I’m hoping within the next week or two there will be more items! My only concern is that everything looks just okay on the mannequins but looks amazing on her so will it look good on me or not?!



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